7 DIY Dairy Recipes for National Dairy Month

It recently came to our attention that June is National Dairy Month, and we think there’s no better (er, butter?) way to celebrate than by making your own cheese, ice cream, yogurt and butter! Find these and more recipes on Made + Remade to get your DIY dairy fix this month.

Churn Your Own Butter

homemade butter recipe

These days, you actually don’t even need a churn — all you need is a stand mixer to make your own butter.

Make Greek Yogurt

homemade greek yogurt

Save some cash, and all those plastic cups, by making your own Greek yogurt. (And afterward, get some tips on what to do with that leftover whey.)

Craft Homemade Ice Cream

homemade strawberry ice cream

It’s summer — get your ice cream on! Try this recipe for strawberry chocolate ice cream. Yum! (We also have tips on hosting your own tipsy ice cream social.)

DIY Your Ricotta Cheese

homemade ricotta cheese

Yes, you can make your own cheese. Start off with an easy project — making ricotta cheese at home. You’ll be hooked!

Be a Ghee Whiz

homemade ghee

Butter’s clearer cousin is simple to make. Learn how to make ghee at home.

Make Pastry Cream

pastry cream recipe

Top those doughnuts, Cronuts, fauxnuts and more with rich pastry cream made with whole milk.

Learn Butter Sculpture

butter sculpture

Mom said not to play with your food, but what about making art? Check out this butter sculptor at the Minnesota State Fair. Now that’s DIY dairy!

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