5 Fabulous Upcycled Pet Beds

We love our pets, but we don’t always love pet store prices! Since your furry friend doesn’t understand designer labels, why not break out the paint and hot glue gun, and craft your pet’s bed from things you already have lying around the house? Here are 5 of the best looking and most creative DIY ideas to help you save money and create a stylish resting place for your best friend. Whether you opt for an easy cardboard box upcycle, or a full-on repurposed Art Deco bed, we’re sure Fido will be delighted with your handiwork — but probably still sleep on the couch while you’re at work.

1. A Vintage Suitcase

Suitcase Pet Bed via Deja Vue Designs

This once anxiety-inspiring harbinger of human-travel can now become a beacon of relaxation as a cozy and snug bed!


2. An Old Art Deco Bed

Upcycled Pet Bed via Shabby Paints

If you have big dogs, you are probably quite keen to find a cheaper sleeping solution that those offered by pet stores. You can pick up a bed frame and crib mattress at most any Salvation Army store and build this dog bed yourself, probably for half the cost of a pet store bed. Bonus points if you use a bed frame you already have!


3. A Repurposed TV Stand

TV Stand Pet Bed via My Repurposed Life

The chevron wood top of this dog bed will look incredibly high end, but it’s actually a really easy look to pull off yourself. Don’t worry- your secret is safe with us! Feel free to bask in the many compliments you’ll receive.


4. An Upcycled Dresser Drawer

DIY Dog Bed via DIY Show Off

All you need for this pet bed is one drawer! Just add some sturdy legs and cut an old couch cushion down to size. Take this look to the next level by adding dramatic details like fancy drawer pulls or wood appliques! Paint over for a final, cohesive look.


5. A Cardboard Box

Upcycled Cardboard Box via PennyWise

Though this pet bed comes from humble beginnings, the final result is quite impressive looking. Definitely be sure to include the mini framed art element for a few chuckles from your friends and family.

See our stars with their precious pets below!

This guest post comes from Miriam Illions and our friends at Hometalk. Looking for even more fun upcycled projects? We love the fabulous upcycling ideas on Hometalk! And find more great pet projects on DIYNetwork.com, including the super stylish pet beds in the gallery below.

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    I love all of these! We have three dogs and I would love to get the beds off the floor. Great Ideas!

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