Creative Genius: Sabrina Soto in a New Series, “Secrets of a Super Aunt”

Sabrina Soto Experiment
You know her as the fun, personable host of HGTV’s The High Low Project, where she stages a room with beautiful luxury items that give the homeowners just the look they were going for. Then she redoes the room with budget-friendly finds, ultimately saving tons of money while keeping the same stunning look. Now, designer Sabrina Soto is letting us in on one of her other passions: family. In her new original ulive series, Secrets of a Super Aunt, Sabrina shares fun and educational tips and ideas dealing with everything from making a kid-friendly “green shake” to executing super cool science experiments you can do at home.

Sabrina Soto

And the term “Super Aunt” is not just thrown around willy nilly. Sabrina works hard to make sure her nieces and nephews aren’t just having fun but are learning something too. And she does it all with flair!


Q: Throughout the series, you demonstrate a lot of fun science experiments with your nieces and nephews. Have you always been fascinated by science? And if not, when did it all start?

A: It’s not really about science. It’s about keeping these kids entertained! I’m always trying to come up with fun family projects. I’ve got a 2, 9, 16 and 17 year old to keep from getting bored! It’s not easy.

Q: I noticed that a lot of your videos deal with making sure the kids in your life are having fun while still learning a little something new. What inspired your “learning is fun” perspective?

A: It started with the balloon project I did with my niece, Sophia. She couldn’t stop talking about it for days afterwards, so I thought … let’s keep it going. It has actually gotten to the point now that she finds new projects for us online and emails me a shopping list in advance. I think if you can educate and entertain at the same time – all the better!

Sabrina Soto Elephant Toothepaste Experiment

Q: All of your ideas seem so exciting and totally doable! (Walking on egg shells, solar s’mores, elephant toothpaste – just to name a few.) How do you come up with such diverse and interesting projects?

A: I mostly search online for fun ideas, and the girls help, too!

Sabrina With Niece Sophia

Q: What’s it like working with family? You guys look like you have a lot of fun, but I have to wonder what it’s like when the cameras aren’t rolling. Is it ever hard to get your nieces and nephews on board?

A: Sophia is always up for anything, that’s why a lot of the episodes are with her. The other kids have their days.

Q: When you guys aren’t performing cool experiments, making awesome art or drinking delicious shakes, what kinds of things do you all love to do as a family?

A: We are always in the kitchen! Whether just gathering around the kitchen island or cooking a Cuban meal, the kitchen is always our hub. Other than that, we take a vacation together every year. In a few months, we’ll be off to Maui together.

Sabrina Soto Walking on Eggs

Q: Okay, last question. What was the most fun activity you and your nieces and nephews have done so far on the show? I’m guessing it will be hard to choose!

A: I think walking on eggs, because they all thought there was NO WAY it was going to work!


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  1. Lizzy says:

    I'm sorry, this is all fine and good, but what about the High/Low Project? Is that over? It was my favorite show on HGTV. Can't she do both, or at least, get a new host? How about handing the show over to Christopher White? He was super-personable & talented on High/Low.


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