Quick and Easy Ideas for a Mother’s Day Brunch

Quick and Easy Ideas for a Mother's Day BrunchMother’s Day is in just a couple short days and we all know how important it is to celebrate the mothers in our lives. I’ve been traveling this week, so my planning for the Mother’s Day brunch I’m putting on has been a little lacking. But for those who find themselves scrambling to throw something together for dear ol’ mom, fear not. I’ve got a few fast ideas that will help you pull together a Mother’s Day brunch on the cheap.

First, set the table. Because I’m a little travel weary, I know I’m not going to be up for the clean-up that goes along with real linens, silverware and tableware. (And because I’m a mom myself, I’m cutting myself a little slack as a Mother’s Day present to myself.) I made a trip to Target and found some bright and colorful table decor for our morning feast that will clean up fast and didn’t set me back a ton of cash. No, I don’t normally go for paper plates, but these guys were so bright and cheerful, I fell for them.

Quick and Easy Ideas for a Mother's Day BrunchNext, add fresh flowers. Everything feels fancier with fresh flowers. I ran over to Trader Joe’s and found these pretty blooms in the $2.99 bin. Sold!

Quick and Easy Ideas for a Mother's Day BrunchI grabbed a few mason jars to use as vases and was ready to tape off my grid, but then I remembered I’d grabbed a newfangled gadget that was going to allow me to cut out that step, since I was using mason jars, and not vases. Hello, my fun little “Mason Jar Accessory.”

Quick and Easy Ideas for a Mother's Day BrunchThe grids screwed in with the mason jar lid, so it made arranging the flowers a breeze.

Quick and Easy Ideas for a Mother's Day BrunchNow your table is set. But what to put on it and in your Momma’s belly? Here are a few of my absolute FAVORITE brunch recipes to get you started:

That’s all there is to it. Your table is set, the flowers look gorgeous, the food smells delicious, and the clean-up will be a breeze. Just what this mom desperately needs this Mother’s Day. Have a great weekend and give Mom a hug from me!
Quick and Easy Ideas for a Mother's Day Brunch

Find more ideas for special brunches in the galleries below. This table setting was originally for Valentine’s Day, but the look would be perfect for Mother’s Day, too.

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