DIY Flower Arranging: Comparing the Tools of the Trade

flower arranging

Color-blocking with an ombré effect is a fun way to display colorful, structured flowers.

Spring has sprung, bringing plenty of gorgeous, vibrant blooms with it. Walking into work this morning, I was greeted by several spring tulips – a great way to start the day! It makes me want to fill my house with all the fresh flowers I can get my hands on. But I have a secret — I’ve never been very good at arranging flowers. I have a habit of buying an inexpensive bouquet or two at the grocery store, only to put them in a vase in whatever arrangement they happened to be in the bag. Not a lot of thought or design goes into it. So, last week, when I came across the DIY Floral Grid by Adam Smith, I thought I should give it a try. However, being all about simple, easy, make-it-at-home projects, I wanted to compare this reusable grid with the DIY tape grid concept from Ellen’s post about arranging grocery store flowers.

Version 1: DIY Tape Grid

flower arranging with tape

The tape grid stayed strong and stuck well to the sides, producing good results overall.

I started with the tape grid. I didn’t have any double-sided tape, but regular tape seemed to do the trick. I was surprised how well the tape stuck to the side of my vase, but I imagine different materials will garner different results. Tape grid in place, I began arranging my flowers. Normally, I go for a more wild and unruly look with my flowers, but Adam showed me a cool color-block look that I really wanted to try. Overall, I thought the flowers looked good, but I did have some complaints. The tape grid (though it definitely does its job) just doesn’t seem worth it to me. I might use it if I had to arrange a bouquet for a special occasion, but otherwise, I know I’d never bother with it for my own personal flower arrangements. My second and last complaint is that even after the flowers were in place, the tape was still visible. With different tape or more time on my part cutting the tape down to size, this could be avoided. But for me, that just goes back to the “not worth it” complaint. Plus, I imagine if the tape was too short, it wouldn’t stick nearly as well to the sides.

Version 2: Reusable Floral Grid

flower arranging with grid

Step 1: Place grid on top of vase. Step 2: Insert flowers. Step 3: Pull grid apart.

Next, I gave the DIY Floral Grid a go. It’s a pretty simple process. You just set the grid on top of your vase, insert your flowers, and pull the grid apart into two pieces. It can be put back together and used over and over again (a major plus). Again, I though the color-blocked flowers looked good, and this time the process was way faster. I loved the fact that nothing was left behind to distract from the beautiful flowers, but I will say that in pulling the grid out, some flowers didn’t stay perfectly in place. The bouquet required a little tweaking but nothing major. So, it was still a faster, easier process than working with the tape grid. This is definitely the option I would want if I were arranging multiple bouquets (for example, the flowers for a wedding or event). You can read more about this reusable floral grid here.

The Bottom Line

flower arranging side-by-side comparison

The arrangement done with tape is on the left, and the DIY Floral Grid arrangement is on the right. Can you tell the difference?

  • You will receive similar results whether you use a tape grid or the reusable floral grid.
  • The tape grid will have to be made each time you arrange flowers and could show on your vase.
  • The DIY Floral Grid is easy and can be reused, but your flowers might require a little adjusting after you remove the grid.

So, which method would you choose? And do you have any tips for flower arranging you’d like to share? See the gallery below for more flower arranging tips.

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  2. Eric says:

    I've never seen anything like this. I usually hate arranging flowers. They never end up where you want them. I just backed the KickStarter campaign ( I hope this guy reaches his goal so we can try one of these out.


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