5 Foods You Can Freeze in Ice Cube Trays

I’m diving into the world of DIY baby food, and in the process of mastering the ropes in making, storing and freezing small meal portions in little freezer-safe containers, I’m discovering that there are so many other great things that can be made and frozen for future enjoyment.Use everyday ice cube trays — and note: metal ones won’t trap smells the same way plastic might. Once the cubes have frozen, store them in an airtight freezer bag for future use. Consider it a way to keep foods separated into portions, or to make use of fresh foods before they expire.Here are few of my favorite things to freeze:Herbs: Extra parsley, oregano or rosemary? Add chopped herbs to water or stock, and freeze in ice cube trays.Along those same lines, freeze that extra pesto to enjoy on a rainy day. Here’s a great pesto recipe if you’re planning on producing basil in bulk this season.Make frozen pesto ice cubes with extra basil.Lemon juice: Frozen lemon cubes would be the perfect addition to lemonade, iced tea or an umbrella drink on a summer day.Coffee! Nothing makes at-home iced coffee or lattes better than frozen coffee ice cubes, so save the rest of your morning pot by pouring it into an extra ice cube tray.Freeze coffee for DIY iced coffee cubes!Tomato paste: Because how often do you use the entire can? I’ve started to keep cube-size portions on hand for fresh sauces and our favorite Italian recipes.Carmelized onions: Always handy in a pinch, store small batches that can be thawed and added to recipes on quick dinner nights.While we’re on the subject, check out these “cool” ice cube quick tips from Dan Pashman (cookie dough?! yes!).

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  1. Vitruvius says:

    I freeze minced ginger and chopped jalapenos for cooking indian food.

  2. Mariamne says:

    I have lemon and orange trees, so I freeze lemon juice in ice cube trays and OJ in jugs, but I also zest as many as I can and freeze in small plastic containers. Each container has about 4 or 5 tablespoons of zest. You can add it to lots of recipes, even if it's not called for, both cooking and baking.

  3. Sheila says:

    I freeze unsweetened applesauce to use as a butter/oil substitute in cake mixes… otherwise it gets moldy before I've used half the jar.

  4. gnosnhoj says:

    Cantaloupe or watermelon pureed and frozen make great additions to iced tea.

  5. bosco magoo says:

    when i make a turkey i make extra gravy and freeze it in ice cube trays and after their frozen put them in a gallon freezer bag. then whenever i use the leftover turkey, buy a rotisserie chicken or need some for mashed potatoes, i pull a few out and put them in the microwave.

  6. Louise says:

    After steaming organic vegetables, I pour the vegetable juices into ice cube trays to freeze for future soups, broths, etc. Be sure to steam beet greens,in addition to other greens for delicious veggie dishes. I don't add any salt, pepper or spices, either!

  7. charmomtopups says:

    I freeze raspberries & blackberries (lemon & lime slices also) in ice cube trays with water to add to my glass of water or tea in the summer…yummy!

  8. TinyDancer says:

    Is it safe to eat processed products made with eggs?

  9. Jo Bray says:

    I like organic mint tea so throughout the growing season I harvest stems, strip the leaves off, wash them, stuff them into ice cube trays, add water, then freeze and pop into bags to use with a tea strainer throughout the I got my cold at the worst time and I still have terrible laryngitis winter.

  10. Pinpopular says:

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    thanks for sharing


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