37 Upcycled Container Garden Ideas

You can capture a child’s imagination with a magical fairy garden
like this one.

Welcome, DIYers! If your interest in upcycled, original garden containers led you to this blog, you’re in the right place. Spring is rapidly approaching and we get so excited around here, we like to make it a bit of an event. If you are familiar with my other posts, you know I love to identify hot topics like headboards and fire pits and bring you the best we’ve got. And at this moment, nothing is hotter than container gardening.Since our forte on this blog is upcycling, I’ve concentrated on items you can re-use or give new life, from the obvious like paint cans and buckets, to more out-of-the-ordinary containers like shoes and purses.

Beyond containers, consider your available space. Even the smallest patio will yield amazing veggies, while modest, flat yards are ideal for raised bed planters. You say you don’t have a horizontal yard or patio? The gallery below highlights vertical and hillside gardening as well.
If you are more interested in style than practicality, take a look at some of the more head-turning visions our experts have discovered — and don’t miss this enchanted container fairy garden.
If you’ve already maxed out your container supply or have done like Michelle Reynolds and co-opted a strawberry pot for her many succulents, get your hands dirty and make your own durable hypertufa planter. It’s far easier than you might expect and they only get better looking with age.
Now get out there, hit the salvage shops, dig around your house and let your imaginations run wild with the possibilities. Oh, and now is the perfect time to begin composting, too. After all, you need some healthy soil to fill those pots.

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    Where can I find the head/bust planters?

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    Where can I get the instructions for the rolling planter box made from a pallet and shutters? First time to visit your blog

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