7 Lucky Things You Should Turn Green for St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner (March 17), and while Chicago and Savannah will be turning their rivers green, we know you’ll need some ideas on a little smaller scale. That’s why we’ve rounded up some DIY projects and recipes from HGTV and DIY Network for things you can turn green, from cocktails to cupcakes to tresses. Enjoy!

Happy Hour

a green gimlet

While a dash of food coloring in your beer would certainly work, how about taking it a step further (and fancier) by making a Matcha Green Tea Gimlet. (“A what?” you say.) Learn more and get the recipe here.


st. patrick's day cupcakes

These Lucky Vanilla Cupcakes get their green from chopped pistachios — a healthier (and, we think, tastier) alternative to colored icing. Get the recipe here.

You can also make your own cupcake toppers for the big day!

Cake Pops

green cake pops

If you prefer your cake at the end of a stick, try these cake pops that are candy-coated in gorgeous green. The secret ingredient? Irish stout — yum. Get the recipe for Chocolate Stout Cake Pops.


green marshmallows

We’re big fans of homemade marshmallows here on Made + Remade, and these green shamrock-shaped beauties from HGTV are a cut above. Learn to make Shamrock Marshmallows.

Your Front Door

shamrock and burlap wreath

While it’s not completely green, this beautiful handmade wreath has a real Irish soul, with natural materials and one lucky shamrock. Learn to make a Burlap Wreath for St. Patrick’s Day.

Your Hair

hair chalking

We have mixed feelings about hair chalking for everyday, but on special occasions, bring it on! Get advice for Chalking Your Hair on St. Patrick’s Day.


a shamrock pin

Wearing this easy-to-make felt shamrock pin ensures you’ll receive no pinches. See how to make your own Simple Felt Shamrocks for yourself or your child.

What are your favorite things to turn green on St. Patrick’s Day? Leave ideas in the comments below.

7 Responses

  1. Rainyu says:

    this beautiful handmade wreath has a real Irish soul,loved it! micro link hair extensions

  2. Maureen says:

    A Shamrock is not a 4 leaf clover. A shamrock should have only 3 petals and
    maybe a stem. Maureen

  3. Maggie says:

    I used to put green food coloring in my kids baby formula. The day care loved it!!


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