3 Wooden Barrel Projects You Can Make Yourself

Here at Made + Remade, we’ve always known that crafters are passionate about DIY projects. What we are just finding out is that our readers are also passionate about barrels. You read that right. Wooden barrels are kind of a big deal right now. And why not? They offer a super cool vibe — both industrial and rustic — and lend themselves perfectly to creative upcycling projects.

Wine Barrel Vanity

Take this unique vanity for example. It’s made from an old oak wine barrel and looks phenomenal in this one-of-a-kind bathroom. Side note: This project is not for the DIY faint of heart, as the barrel will need to be prepped for use in humid conditions.

Wine Barrel Fountain

If you love the look of barrels and want to continue the wine theme further, try your hand at this wine barrel and bottle fountain. It’s a totally doable project that looks like a million bucks. What’s not to love?

Wine Barrel Planter

Are you a fan of the classic barrel planter? I certainly am. It’s a look that feels simple, rustic and crafty all at the same time. Plus, large barrels are great for trees and other plants that need plenty of room for roots. Learn how to make your own barrel planter here.

11 Responses

  1. savasva says:

    If you want to it yourself just look for woodprix website. There is all you need to make it :)

  2. i like your ideas very much

  3. Cortney says:

    Where do you find the barrels?

  4. [...] crafts you can make with wine corks, bottles, glasses and crates…what could possibly be left? This great post on Made + Remade reminded me: Wine barrels! Small scotch barrels make for attractive shelving and storage, but [...]

  5. Fran says:

    Awesome. The vanity is beautiful

  6. john says:

    i like your ideas very much

  7. sonya campbell says:

    I love all of these projects ! They gave me some awesome ideas !


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