Top It Off: Get Inspired by These Custom Wedding Cake Toppers


Never underestimate the power of a good wedding cake, whether it be store-bought, made to order, or baked with love in your kitchen.

It is, possibly only second to the dress, the thing your guests will remember for years to come. And as the bride or groom, you want to remember a good cake too, so make it exactly as you wish, right down to your own wedding cake topper.

DIY wedding cake topper idea with paper garland bunting.

My wedding cake ended up being something that I spent a lot of time thinking about. Making it myself would have been a colossal undertaking, so I had a local bakery prepare me a red velvet two-tier cake with cinnamon cream cheese frosting, but decided to create the cake topper myself. In the end, the cake was delish, and it was the design of the wooden people and the fluttering handmade bunting that made the cake perfectly suited to our big day. If you like the concept of it, you might also like this Just Married wedding cake topper.

If you’re in the market for a wedding cake topper, you might be completely overwhelmed with ideas. While there are many nice store-bought or vintage toppers, the DIY options are practically endless, perfectly customizable, and totally affordable.

Looking for ideas for your own wedding cake toppers? Be creative, allow your cake to be the perfect representation of you, and never let anyone tell you that you’re using too many pom-poms. There is no such thing.

Peg People

Use pom pom trim to take a plain wedding cake up a notch.

Those little wooden peg dolls on the above cake? They were just a few dollars, and I bought them online. I’ve seen tutorials where couples hand-paint their own details onto these little figurines, but there was always something nice about the natural wood to me, and it was more fitting with the theme of my wedding. If you liken yourself to be very artistic, you can make your own topper figurines using polymer clay too.

Painted or polymer or plain wood pegs, even the simple act of surrounding those little people within a special piece of wire emits a magical feeling and makes the pieces feel really dressed up.

Create a magical wedding cake topper using silver craft wire.

Leaving the figurines off the cake all together is another option. Accent instead with a DIY paper flower as a way to integrate your wedding colors into the cake (learn how I made that little yellow flower in this paper flower folding tutorial). It would be so pretty for a springtime wedding!

Flowers and Stars

Use paper flowers to make a DIY cake topper.

These stars were made using birch wood veneer affixed to jewelry wire, and would be a creative touch on a 4th of July or New Years’ Eve wedding cake.

Use craft wire and paper veneer to make a DIY cake topper.

More DIY cake toppers abound in the photo gallery below.

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