DIY Window Shade Stenciling

DIY Window Blind StencilingEveryone has a room in their house that gets put on the back burner … right? In our house, that room is our bedroom. It’s upstairs, so guests never see it and because we don’t have a TV in our bedroom, the only time we’re in the room is spent asleep. It just wasn’t a priority to make it showroom pretty, so to speak. Now that we’re gearing up to sell our house, though, I need to make a few small adjustments to stage the house for prospective buyers.

DIY Window Blind Stenciling

A serious case of the blahs.

I’m ashamed to admit I never even got around to hanging curtains — I just installed a couple of the inexpensive roller blinds and moved on to the rooms guests might actually see. The roller shades are great for blocking out the blinding sunrises each and every morning, thanks to the orientation of our house, but they’re not super attractive. At all. So I finally mustered up the ambition to make them a little fancier and get those curtains up. Gotta make the whole house look GOOD, know what I’m saying?

I decided a fast way to make the shades seem a little less bargain-basic was to give them a quick pattern edge. I found this great honeycomb stencil a few months back and had been saving it for the right project.DIY Window Blind Stenciling

I’m a big fan of the honeycomb pattern, but out of fear that it would be the next ubiquitous look-at-me-EVERYWHERE pattern (seriously, who’s with me on being over the chevron craze?), I didn’t want to plaster it everywhere. This project was the right place to add in a little hint of honeycomb. Because the original hardwood floors on the second floor have a reddish orange hue (which I HATED in the beginning, but I’ve come to accept and even kind of like now), I was torn between using silver or copper for the stencil. So I grabbed my paint pens and did a quick test run. Silver won, hands down. With the sun back-lighting the tester, the copper looked brown instead of copper, but the silver was perfect.

DIY Window Blind Stenciling

Silver paint pen, copper Sharpie, or silver leaf marker?

Next up, I popped the blinds out and brought them down to my studio to do the actual stenciling. Using the paint marker made it incredibly simple to stencil — this project took me all of 20 minutes. DIY Window Blind Stenciling

Once the shades were dry, I took them back upstairs. Already better.DIY Window Blind Stenciling

But I knew a couple of sheer panels on either side would add height and width to the windows and finish off the space, so I grabbed some sheers I had already hemmed for another project, a basic curtain rod, and two mounting brackets — all of which I’d snagged at IKEA the last trip down.

DIY Window Blind Stenciling

I’ll be the first to admit that IKEA instructions are intimidating, but I have a crazy knack for assembling IKEA furniture. It’s a talent I feel should be listed somewhere on my resume.

If you’re looking for semi sheer curtains that let in light, but still give privacy, I cannot say enough about these IKEA panels. They’re such a good deal and look fantastic. We have them in basically every room in the house. I also grabbed some sheetrock anchors, my trusty drill and my measuring tape, and off to the races I went.

DIY Window Blind Stenciling

A few measurements, a couple holes in the wall, a quick install of the mounting brackets and my sheers were up. Simple, clean, modern and so, so much better. It’s always the small things that make all the difference.

I love that the curtains are so simple — they make the honeycomb pattern detail on the blinds pop. It’s one small detail in an otherwise very clean and streamlined room. We chose a bedroom color that’s a muted gray/blue/green for the walls and plenty of bright white trim, so the room has an almost spa-like feel. The curtains are nice and relaxed, but the silver honeycomb adds a nice dash of design.

So, there you have it. The best way to add a high-class custom detail to your budget window shades. Hey, even basic deserves to be pretty. Fingers crossed all prospective buyers are attentive to detail!

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  2. Great work Ellen,

    Decorating the home is a great way that so many women and the girls want to do for their own dream home. You did it in a great way and it looks amazing. good ideas always work for the people who know how to deal with the decoration.

  3. Cyrus Adolfo says:

    Hi Ellen,

    The idea behind the whole post and the designing tools you used for the decoration of these curtains are so attractive and innovative and I like the way you did all these things with the best thoughts. Sometimes we do the things that are great but before doing this we do not have any idea that will it look great or not.

  4. Brianna says:

    Wow Ellen, such a great idea you have applied for the designing and the decoration of your windows. I always love to have good innovative things that can help me in making great decorations for the home. I like your post and found it good.

  5. LouisePollit says:

    The honey comb pattern looks really nice. We usually hire any window installation company for doing all the installation and replacement works. Fro the last renovation we hired windows choice… for doing the works related with windows and doors.

  6. Soto says:

    Honeycomb pattern looks really great.


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