Meet the Makers We Love for Valentine’s Day


Creatives have a knack for finding one another, a knack that leads to successful projects (this blog included, we’d say) and even to successful partnerships or marriages. It isn’t just a job for those of us on the Made + Remade team, it’s a life — a life that includes supporting and inspiring friends and family members. So for Valentine’s Day, several of us chose to introduce you to makers in our own homes as part of our Creative Genius series. Here they are: the Makers We Love. We know you’ll love them, too.

The DIYer: Pete Fazio

pete fazio

According to Emily: “He brought out the side of me that learned to operate miter saws, that has purchased – and regularly uses – two different routers, and that has a spare cordless drill and bits in the trunk of the car next to the jumper cables, you know, just in case.” Read Emily’s profile of her husband, Pete.

The Crafter: Lish Dorset

lish dorset

Nick calls his wife, Lish, the “crafty influence in my world” and the “craft phenomenon of Detroit.” Read Nick’s profile of Lish.

The Photographer: Bob Farley

bob farley

According to Michelle: “Bob has a sensitivity to the way people want to be perceived and vision for composing an image to capture their personality.” Read Michelle’s profile of her husband, Bob, and get his tips for taking a perfect picture.

The Welder: Stefan Foord

stefan foord

Ellen says of her husband: “He’s like a cross between a surgeon and an artist when it comes to metalwork and engines.” Read Ellen’s profile of Stefan.

The Remodeler: James Slaughter

james and hannah slaughter

According to Hannah: “Our rad 1935 home may be a cool color, but it would most definitely be falling down if I didn’t have this handyman by my side.” Meet Hannah’s husband, James Slaughter.

The Printer: Derek Trimble

derek trimble

According to Kelly: “He has a strong-willed tenacity that I’ve seen in no other human and it comes in handy for DIY-ing … Derek is a Zenmaster.” Read her profile and get his advice for teaching yourself a new skill.


In honor of Valentine’s Day, we’re celebrating makers we love (including some who live in our own homes). Meet these inspiring makers as part of our ongoing Creative Genius series.

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