Makers We Love: Creative Genius Stefan Foord

Makers We Love: Creative Genius Stefan Foord

Didn’t you know? Welding helmets are hot.

I’m going to do my best not to gush, but it’s going to be tough. I happen to be married to a fine catch of a maker and I tend to get all adoring when given the chance to brag on him. I mean, look at him. Absolutely adorable AND handy? C’mon now, it’s too much.

If you ask Stefan what he does for work, he’ll tell you he works on cars. The man is constitutionally incapable of bragging. He is, in a word, humble. In reality, he can fix pretty much anything wrong on any make or model of vehicle, but more than that, he builds BMW, Porsche and Audi race cars. Yeah, he’s pretty much rad. The sweet and gentle man who swept me off my feet five years ago this Saturday (yes, our first date was the day after Valentine’s Day, and yes, it was love at first date) will strip a car down to a bare frame, bend and weld a custom steel tubing roll cage into it, and then build and install a high performance engine modified to rocket the car around a road course like nothing you’ve ever seen. He’s like a cross between a surgeon and an artist when it comes to metalwork and engines. I wish I had better pictures of some of his race car builds, but trust me when I say that he’s worked on some INCREDIBLE cars in the time we’ve been together. We’ve had $100,000 race cars just, you know, hanging out in our garage. As you do. Stefan Foord Welding Tools

For the most part, he’s simply my wonderful husband. And he knows that he married a girl who is woefully incompetent when it comes to cars, so he forgives me that I don’t hang with bated breath on his every project. But when he has some downtime, Stefan somehow manages to fabricate the most wonderfully fantastic gifts for me. Each birthday and anniversary brings a new piece of art. The man is a genius with some spare car parts, old chain, and a welder.

Exhibit A: The gift he gave me on the first birthday I had after our daughter (AKA, the minnow) was born.

Stefan Foord Car Parts Chain Fish

 Exhibit B: The door frame adornment he threw together when I said our entryway was bland. Stefan Foord Door Frame Chain Sculpture

Exhibit C: This year’s “birthday card.”Stefan Foord Metal Minnow Birthday Card

Exhibit D: The stocking stuffer he made for Christmas one year. (By the way, he made 17 of them for our relatives.)

Stefan Foord Metal Dragonfly


Under the category of “Makers We Love,” this guy gets my vote every day of the week and twice on Sundays. Now that he’s had his official DIY Network debut, I expect he’ll have a few new fans, too. And perhaps, if you’re very lucky and we have enough spare car parts lying around, you can commission your very own Stefan Foord masterpiece. Sculpture or race car, I promise it will be perfection.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we’re celebrating makers we love (including some who live in our own homes). Meet these inspiring makers as part of our ongoing Creative Genius series.

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  2. hannahbdesign says:

    Seriously Ellen, it's just one more sign that our friendship is meant to be: our husbands would get along perfectly. What an artist he is! Those pieces are absolutely lovely.

    • Minnow + Co says:

      I'm pretty sure you and I are destined to be BFFs and our husbands good pals. Now how to transplant my lifelong Yankee husband to Tennessee without him noticing….


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