Makers We Love: Creative Genius Bob Farley

I am not the only maker in my household. Nope, there is another maker, a creative genius named Bob Farley, who I love and have been married to for sixteen years. He is a professional photographer, an excellent hole digger in the garden, and a doodler.

Self-portrait by Bob Farley

I totally take for granted that I have a live-in personal photographer sometimes, so it is nice to be able to write about him now. He takes all of the pictures for my posts here at Made + Remade, he photographs native plants for me for my classes and garden programs that I teach, he shoots events for organizations we volunteer for, photographs our families and friends, shoots music videos, nature videos, and so much more.

Bob was a photojournalist for eighteen years and a photo editor for seven of those years at a newspaper that met the fate of so many other papers around the country. Since the newspaper’s closing in 2005, we both have worked from our home doing what we love to do: create and make.

It didn’t take long for Bob to find his niche here in Birmingham. He knocked on doors, made a lot of phone calls, and hit the pavement to find a steady stream of work. He has a pretty regular gig with the “Birmingham Business Journal” now, where he specializes in the environmental portrait of business leaders. What I mean by environmental portraiture is that he puts the person in their own work environment and photographs them so that when the viewer looks at the photograph, they know immediately what the person’s vocation is. It is harder than one may think. Bob has a sensitivity to the way people want to be perceived and vision for composing an image to capture their personality and profession. His success has led to other corporate jobs, and those clients have hired him to shoot many life events in a documentary style.

Photos by Bob Farley,

Bob’s background as a photojournalist helps him to go with the flow, and he see things in his peripheral vision others might not pick up on. Whatever the event may be, he has an awareness to what is going on around him, which makes it easy for him to catch special moments, to capture the candid shots instead of the contrived.

Photos by Bob Farley,

Besides taking pictures of people experiencing life, Bob likes to photograph nature. We get out into the woods as often as we can, and he always lugs his camera around in his backpack. While I geek out on plants, Bob photographs the surrounding beauty. When we return home, I am always amazed to see how he captured the trip.

Photos by Bob Farley,

Bob offers these simple tips for capturing the perfect picture:

1) Get as close as you can to your subject.

2) Explore different angles and vantage points.

3) Pay attention to and take advantage of natural light.

4) Wait for the right moment.


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  1. Linda and Bob Farley says:

    Michelle, what a wonderful comment on "Bobby". who is also the love of our life. Mom and Dad Farley. I'm sure you both appreciate each other! Thanks for sharing you thoughts with everyone.


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