Easy Classroom Valentine Treats That Kids Can Make


I’m so proud of myself. My son Gavin and I got his classroom Valentine party treats done early this year. We’re usually last-minute-night-before people. But thanks to these wonderful gift tags, we got done quickly and had fun doing it. We chose the Smartie Pants tags because they’re cool enough for 5th graders.

What made it fun is that we were able to do it together. I downloaded the PDF of the tags, then Gavin typed in the names of each of his classmates. We printed them (six per page) and then Gavin cut out each tag. We filled Valentine baggies (got 40 bags at a dollar store for a buck) with Smartie Pants candy and chocolate hearts.

Next, we punched a hole in the tag and through the bag, and then used baker’s twine to cinch them together. All told, it took us about a half hour to make 23 gift bags. Even kids younger than 5th grade can lend a hand doing some of the tasks — typing the names, cutting out the tags, filling the bags or tying the bows.

I think Gavin’s classmates will love the treat bags (and their moms will be saying, “Oh that Gavin’s mom, she’s so clever! How does she do it all!”).

If you don’t want go with sugary sweets like we did, there are also tags and cards for pencils, toys, apple sauce or gift bags you can fill with anything. When downloading the tags, I found Chrome and Internet Explorer work best. If using Internet Explorer, make sure to click the enable editing button on the top right.

Now that Gavin’s classroom valentines are done, I’m going to work on something special for him and his texting-crazed teenage brother. I might try these cute glitter cupcakes. And for my hubby, I may plan a special spa-themed date night or breakfast in bed, or maybe both.Find more sweet Valentine decorations, crafts and gifts ideas.

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