Good to Know: Last Minute Super Bowl Party Tips

Dan and Laurie's Super Bowl Party Tips DIY

Photos by Grace Kim

The biggest football weekend of the year has arrived! If it’s been a busy week and you’re not quite prepared to party – no problem. Dan Pashman and I have some Good To Know tips for your Super Bowl Sunday. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you’re making game-time decisions about how to entertain.
One of my favorite things about a football party is that they are rarely formal. Think about some of the more affordable, prepare-ahead foods you enjoy (like sandwiches) and create a simple menu. Just adding some yard lines on a disposable tray with a marker can set a fun, casual vibe that lets people know they’re here to relax and have a good time.Dan and Laurie's Super Bowl Party Tips DIYSpeaking of good times and good spirits, you don’t want to follow Super Bowl Sunday with Hangover Monday. The Long Haul Bloody recipe we showed you in the video above is just one example of a toned-down tonic you might want to try. In addition to drinking plenty of water, laying off the hard stuff can be a great way to enjoy the day and the day after. Here are some other lighter drinks.Bloody Maru – You can use the exact mix you’ve made for a Long Haul Bloody Mary only add some sake instead of beer. Not everyone is a fan of brewskis and there are gluten-free sake options that some guests might really appreciate.Black Velvet – This is a drink made by filling a flute halfway with sparkling wine or champagne and topping it off with a stout beer, like Guinness. Don’t mix — it’s meant to be served while showing off its separate layers. It’s a classy take on the average beer and you don’t have to use pricey bubbly in order for it to taste great.Pom Pomme – If you’re a fan of hard cider, try mixing it with pomegranate juice for a delicious and decorative cocktail. The Pom Pomme can also contain ginger liqueur and brandy, but feel free to stick to a simple two parts cider, one part juice recipe to keep things light.And if you’re planning to cater to the non-drinkers among us, check out any of these fancy mocktail recipes to make everyone feel included and special.Dan and Laurie's Last Minute Super Bowl Party Tips DIYSo don’t stress! You’ve got plenty of time to pull off the perfect party. Soon you’ll be kicking back, sipping on some suds and screaming at the television! Here’s wishing you a safe, enjoyable and entertaining Super Bowl Sunday!

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