Make Custom Curtains Out of Almost Anything

Homemade curtains, appliqued fabric art, and varying shades of green add warmth to the white-washed walls of the sewing shack. (photos by Bob Farley)

I cannot resist the sale tables at my favorite stores in January. To make room for new items, stores reduce prices on last year’s bedding, tablecloths, and curtain panels. Sometimes I will buy these things just for the fabric. While organizing my sewing shack, I fell in love again with the curtains I made out of two $10 coverlets from Urban Outfitters. I was lucky to find two of the same and in just the right tones to go with the colors in my shop.

Metal hardware and a galvanized chain-link fence post make the perfect hanging rod for the $10 coverlets I turned into curtains. I hung them high enough to hide the mechanics of the glass wall.

Using the same method as did for making the canvas industrial curtains, I cut to the panels to the length I needed (deducting the measurement of the ring and rod and adding a seam allowance) and sewed on twill tape loops for hanging. Clip rings may also be used, and I would have used them instead of bead chain, but I had a ton of bead chains from a box of fabric samples. I don’t like throwing things away, so this was a very good use for the chains.

I love the look of industrial hardware, and fence posts are inexpensive, easy to cut and cap, and are rigid enough to hold the weight of curtains. To hang the curtains above the glass garage door, I found strange metal pieces and pipe straps in the hardware store that worked perfectly to attach to the door frame and to hold the galvanized fence post in place.

Twill tape and recycled bead chain allowed me to turn coverlets into curtains with an industrial twist. The chains glide with ease over the fence-post curtain rod.

Follow this curtain tutorial or simply hem and use clip rings to hang your own custom curtains.

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  1. new year says:

    realy nice article thanks for sharing year 2016 happy new year 2016 uyu

  2. Rachel says:

    I have these sheets! What a great idea to make them into curtains.

  3. Annie says:

    Awesome. It looks like your garage is your shop as well! I love it. Great job!!!

  4. Shirley says:

    Clever ideas with curtains made from –whatever!


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