What’s Next in Tech? CES Standouts

3D Televisions were still all over the CES floor, but it was less of a big deal as it has been in year’s past. The glasses are still sharp, though.

Faster than a speeding bullet, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound … it’s the mind-bending future of home tech, and it’s hurtling toward us right now! Okay, maybe it can’t leap buildings yet, but based on what I just saw at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, our homes are about to get some seriously useful (and beautiful) new technology. I got a peek at the cutting-edge digital innovations coming to our homes — and here’s what’s coming.

Curved phones, like this LG Flex, were really comfortable in the hand, and even bend slightly— a weird feeling for a smartphone!

Curved TVs and smartphones. Flat screens may become a thing of the past. I was impressed by the super stylish curved 55″ OLED TVs which feature richer colors and a fuller, more cinematic view than the old rectangles. Prefer to watch Love It Or List It on your smartphone? Consider a curved smartphone (it bends in your hand!), which gives you a mini IMAX experience and also reaches your mouth and ear better. It even has a special coating that can “heal” from scrapes and nicks. Whoa.

Soundfreaq’s partnership with Novogratz bore this kaleidoscopic Bluetooth stereo system. Tech can often be austere — this is whimsical and just plain fun.

Home automation explosion. Can your appliances talk to each other, or send your smartphone a message when you’re low on eggs? They soon will. Whether it’s a crock pot that you can operate from an app, or a lightbulb that’s also a Bluetooth speaker (what?!), it seems like any physical object that isn’t “smart” is just … dumb. Hiring a home automation expert to string them all together just might be a thing of the past too: Systems that offer “universal remotes” for these smart things are making it easy for anyone to have a smart home— even home security — at any price. Home automation is also getting better looking — just check out those trippy speakers.

It’s not real (yet), but this concept cooktop/countertop dreamt up by Whirlpool was fascinating. Imagine a countertop that instantly becomes an induction cooktop, a social media hub, recipe keeper, timer and more. It’s the kitchen of the future.

The kitchen of the future. Things were sizzling in CES’s kitchens! From fridges that turn into freezers at the touch of a button to a concept “kitchen counter of tomorrow” that boils water, texts, pulls up recipes and tells you when to stir (yes, please!), appliances are cooking up fresh ideas. Android-operated oven ranges, and refrigerators that can help with the “what’s for dinner?” question are all on their way to your kitchen in the years to come. Stainless steel is taking a back seat to color and design: Stylish appliances in colors and patterns were a definite trend (would you dress your microwave in an outfit?).

No need for a crystal ball: You can see more of the future in my CES Show Top Tech Trends videos. I predict gorgeous lines, bright ideas, and more proof than ever that home is where the heart— and smart— is.

See all my CES videos here on DIYNetwork.com. And browse the photo gallery below for these and more products and trends from CES 2014.

5 Responses

  1. I am a fan of induction cooking and want to say that the taste which comes with the induction cooking is very amazing and unique.

  2. @MurphySofa says:

    Like the curved tv's. Wonder if the function is better than a flat one though? What about smarter furniture? curved chrome leg coffee table that turns into a dining table, raises, extends. Mechanical rather than electric/tech but certainly in a world of smart products it makes sense to have smart furniture. examples: Http://murphysofa.com/space-saving-table

  3. merrypad says:

    Love this kind of stuff. The bluetooth speaker (Novogratz design) is a really nicely designed piece, and what COOL kitchen technologies!

  4. jane says:

    It's horrible! Here we need to UNPLUG from electronics, and they want us to purchase more….no wonder there is an obesity epidemic, lower morals and manners, and no family values any more…everyone is "plugged in" and nothing is reality or visceral anymore….unplug people, do a digital detox every now and then, and don't have everything in your life digital and electronic.

  5. Mick Telkamp says:

    Wow, I dig that conceptual countertop, although I foresee many a twitter feed interrupted by an unattended pot boiling over. Thanks for the glimpse into the future!


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