5 Easy Crafts for Your Valentine

It’s one of my favorite holidays — all of the love, all of the pink and red, assorted sweets, and lots of fun projects to try. This year is no different than any other, I’m trying my hand at a few new Valentine’s Day projects (like this heart-shaped wreath), and loving some of the projects I’ve done in the past.

Using red streamer paper and a pair of scissors, I’m adding festive decor to the doorways in our home this year. To make your own, fold the paper like an accordion until you have a square-shaped stack of paper folded in front of you. Use scissors to trim out a heart shape on the folded edges of the paper, making sure to leave a small section uncut on the each of the folded edges. Unfold, and enjoy!

Make a DIY Valentine's Day streamer.

Adorn your doorway with a custom doorstop. This one, a Portland cement weight, was formed into the shape of a heart using a newspaper. (You can learn to make your own Portland cement letters here.)

Make a doorstop into the shape of a heart using portland cement and a cardboard form.

Everyone loves a cute mug, so why not make one for your Valentine? Embrace the paint pen, one that will write and adhere onto ceramic, and leave a little message. Fill the mug with the gift of chocolate-covered espresso beans for an extra touch.

Use paint pens to decorate a mug for your valentine.

Make heart-shaped cupcakes by putting a ball of tin foil or a marble into the baking tray. Earn bonus points for using red velvet cake batter.

Make heart shaped cupcakes by putting a ball of tin foil or a marble into the baking tray. (Bonus points for using red velvet cake batter.)

Handmade cards are the best. These little ones on pretty card stock are ornamented with glitter. A how-to (including a few different designs) can be seen in my DIY Valentine’s Day post from last year.

Recycle paper and use glitter to create your own Valentine's Day cards.

Of course, I’m not the only one getting creative with Valentine’s Day crafts … Just poke around online and you’ll find lots of good ideas beyond these five projects. Here are some creative Valentine’s crafts from HGTV, and a compilation of fun V-Day crafts for teens and tweens from DIY.

There are instructions for making the cutest heart elbow patches ever.

May I also recommend adding a dash of red food dye into Rice Krispies treats to make them pink? Pink Krispies are, without a doubt, the best.

Other good ideas? Share them with us in the comments!

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