20 Flea Market Flips We Love

As an avid thrift store goer and haggler enthusiast, I know that there is nothing like scoring an incredible deal on a piece that might not seem like much but has amazing potential. The only thing better is when you actually finish the project you had in mind, and it is just as fantastic as you had hoped! That may be why I am completely in love with HGTV’s series, Flea Market Flip.

If you haven’t been watching, you need to. Check out a few clips here. Two teams of two are given a limited amount of cash and then set loose in a huge flea market where they have to find all the materials to make three items which they will later sell. Whichever duo’s overall profit is largest is declared the winner. It’s exciting, intense and a whole lot of fun! And some of the “flips” are completely ingenious. Seriously, you’d have to see them to believe it.

Take these old, rusty roofing hooks for example. It’s hard to see much potential there, right?Flea Market Flip Roofing HooksBut with a little creative thinking and a hard day’s work, these hooks became a super-cool industrial-style chandelier. I love it!Flea Market Flip Hook ChandelierAnd what about this tired settee? Doesn’t it look like something you’d see stacked against a dumpster somewhere?Flea Market Flip Old SetteeBut, wait! A fabulous spruce and full-on reupholstery session, and this settee is tired no more. TLC to the rescue!Flea Market Flip Settee UpdateSo, as you can probably tell, I tend to geek out about each and every one of these magnificent makeovers. But if I haven’t convinced you yet, check out the rest of my favorite transformations from the show. There’s now up to 45!

Looking for more ways to upcycle your flea market finds? Tune in to Flea Market Flip and browse the upcycling galleries on DIYNetwork.com.

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  1. Judy H says:

    I would like to have seen the grey end tables with chartreuse accents.


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