Creative Genius: Emily Jeffords of Trouvé Magazine

Emily Jeffords, wife, mother and all around creative powerhouse.

Have you ever met someone and just kind of instinctively knew right away that this person was a creative force to be reckoned with? That was the immediate sense I got when I met Emily Jeffords at Alt NYC this past June. Emily is an artist, a designer, and one of the brilliant minds behind the newly launched Trouvé Magazine, which is, in a word, STUNNING. If you click those links, you’ll see that basically everything Emily touches is GORGEOUS. Emily also happens to be humble, endearing, sweet, passionate and committed to highlighting fellow artisans. I adore her. And you should, too.

Images via Trouvé Magazine

1) Hi Emily! Thanks for giving up some of your highly sought after time! First, tell the Made + Remade crowd a little about yourself:

I am an artist, designer, mother of two, and the co-founder & editor of Trouvé Magazine.

2) I think you know what a fan I am of Trouvé, but for those who aren’t familiar, will you give your elevator speech about the magazine?

Sure! Trouvé Magazine celebrates the creative lifestyle & those who live it. We do this by showcasing creative people, gatherings, projects, and spaces through stunning photography and well-written words. Our goal is to leave our readers feeling inspired, refreshed and creative.

3) Trouvé is a fairly new magazine. Can you tell us about how it began?

Amanda Marko (my co-editor) and I have been friends for almost 10 years (yikes!).  She approached me several months ago and asked if I would consider starting a magazine with her — and I said YES! We talked, planned, sent about 100,000 emails, and slowly, organically, and beautifully (with the help of many talented contributors), Trouvé Magazine evolved into the wonderful thing it is today.

4) How do you find the artisans, makers and designers you feature in Trouvé?

Sometimes outstandingly creative people come to us (which we LOVE) and other times we find them. Regardless of how we connect, when their creativity speaks to us it turns into something beautiful and meaningful. Getting to know creative people, finding and telling their story, is very exciting to us.

5) What has been the most surprising discovery as you forged this path to a new endeavor?

I wouldn’t say I was “surprised” (because I’ve been involved in this community for several years now), but the magnitude of creativity in this world has amazed me time and time again.

6) How did you meet Amanda Marko, your partner in crime at Trouvé?

Amanda and I met as art and design students in college (in some intro-to-drawing class or some such thing…). We had nearly every class together our freshman year and really hit it off right away. She went on to become a graphic designer, and I to become a fine artist, mother, and blogger.

7) What brings you the most joy about working on Trouvé?

There is something special about helping to create a project like this from start to finish. I get to see the good, the bad, and the beautiful. When I sit down, at the end of the process to enjoy Trouvé Mag, having that much history with each page, it feels so satisfying and wonderful.

8) What’s your year one goal with the magazine?  Do you have more tricks up your sleeve that we can look forward to in the coming year?

Our goal for our first year of publication is to grow and to touch as many lives as possible. Creativity is highly valuable and we are excited about sharing our inspiration with others. We are looking forward to featuring many talented and passionate people in 2014; people that have inspired and excited me for years (and whom I am kind of giddy about getting to meet!)

9) How do you balance your roles as an artist, and a wife/mother of two with your role at Trouvé?

I have two very easy-going & precious little girls (ages 2 & 4), the most amazing husband on earth, a great business partner, and the best art collectors a girl could ask for! We’re all a team and we champion each other endlessly (even when that means that mom doesn’t fold the laundry for a month). Teamwork takes a lot of grace and communication and I am so grateful for all of the amazing people in my life.

10) What are your resolutions/goals for the New Year, work or personal?

To find time to stop and enjoy — and to do so for a little while every single day. I often REALLY enjoy my work, but I have to consciously put away my tasks (even the creative tasks) and just focus on the sweetness in life. Doing so will help me become a more inspired & creative artist, editor, writer and person.

Images via Trouvé Magazine

Now that you’ve spent a little time with Emily, you can see why I’m such a huge fan of hers. And I’m THRILLED that I get to see her in person again in just a few weeks at Alt Summit SLC! Our in-person friendship so far is entirely Alt Summit based, and I have to say, that’s not a bad track record. I can’t wait to needle her for previews of Trouvé Magazine’s second issue…

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    Oh, wow! Trouvé Magazine's content is so gorgeous! Love their site.


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