DIY Snow Day “Survival” Kit

Guess what arrived just in time for Christmas in our neighborhood? Snow. Lots of it. Then more again this past weekend. And just in case I hadn’t gotten my fill of shoveling, the forecast is calling for a HUGE snowstorm this Thursday. Hi, New England. Yes, I hear you, and I know you loooove snow. Me? I do not. I prefer toasty warm fingers and toes.

However, there is one thing I adore about living in New England. SNOW DAYS. And I’m normally well stocked and prepared for a good, old fashioned snow day — hot cocoa, marshmallows, popcorn, movies, a good book, indoor activities for toddlers, etc. But the storm before Christmas caught me off guard, and I had nothing on hand. So I decided to give myself and a few others the perfect gift, just in time for the full wallop of winter — a Snow Day “Survival” Kit.

I started out with some of my favorite treats for snowy days: good hot cocoa, marshmallows, gourmet popcorn, gummy fruits, wasabi trail mix, a Toblerone (my all time favorite chocolate bar), some beloved movies and a hot new nail polish color.

Then I grabbed some leftover wrapping supplies and got down to crafty town. A scrap of Elsa’s scribbles priceless artwork was the perfect pattern for custom gift tags, too. 

I glued on an extra layer of red paper to give the tags some heft, and then strung them onto some baker’s twine. Custom gift tags in a pinch.

So there you have it. If you live in the Northeast, you’re probably going to want your own Snow Day “Survival” Kit in a hurry — snowmaggedon is headed our way, apparently. And I, for one, am looking forward to spending the day cozied up in my pajamas. Maaaaybe we’ll head out sledding. The perfect high octane way to kick of 2014.

You can also check some of these rainy-day crafts from — they’re just as suited to a snow day as a rainy one. Snow-globe-making irony, anyone? Happy New Year!

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  1. wanda box says:

    I will like to make a list for went the power is out and something for my family to be safe and my pets too wanda box


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