4 Chalkboard Paint Crafts for Your New Year’s Party

Add a personal touch to your New Year’s party by using chalkboard paint to create everything from customizable placemats to wine glass tags and so much more. Here are some fun ideas to run with (add to our list by telling us your other creative ideas in the comments):

Create a custom chalkboard paint flag banner. With heavy card stock cut into flag-shaped banners, I used a ribbon to string this banner together and send a welcoming message to party-goers. When the holiday passes, erase the memo and make a mental note to repurpose it for future occasions.

How to make a party banner using paper and chalkboard paint.

Let your guests flag their glasses with customizable wine glass labels. Simple purpose, simple project. Create a bunch of tags using heavy card stock that will slip around the stem of your party glasses, and let your guests label their drink when they are served to eliminate glass confusion.

Make chalkboard paint wine glass tags.

Make the menu. Paint over a large piece of plywood, cardboard, or card stock, and frame it to make an instant chalkboard menu for dinner or drinks.

Make a chalkboard sign for party drinks or a dinner menu.

Make chalkboard placemats. Chalkboard placemats lend to a creative tablescape, and can be made easily using 11″ x 17″ pieces of paper, or following a no-sew tutorial to create fabric placemats. Label them as you wish, using them for seating charts or just a cheery message. You can even set the place setting with a piece of chalk to let your guests add their own creative touch.

Make chalkboard placemats for a party.

Looking for other ideas to brighten your New Year’s Party?

And for more chalkboard fun, see 24 ideas below!

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  1. Katthy 22 says:

    Chalkboard paint has really found its way into decorating this season. I have come across this in kids rooms, in the den and in the Kitchen. It adds a personal touch and can be changed from time to time. Looks great too if you have a lovely handwriting.Children love it.


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