Think Outside the Envelope: 4 Clever Ways to Wrap a Gift Card

We all like to try to be thoughtful and organized and that special friend who can gift the most wonderful, desirable presents ever, but there’s always someone on your list who you know just wants a gift card. Or perhaps you’re obligated to bring one to the annual Christmas White Elephant gift card exchange (wherein you hope you walk away with the very gift card you brought yourself! … What? You have good taste.).

In a day when gift card presents are so easy and popular, think outside the traditional store-provided envelope and flex your creativity by classing up your easy-to-please present with one of these ideas for packaging a simple gift card. (Want more? Consider these unique ways to wrap holiday gifts too.)

Sew the gift card into a little flat pouch. Add some glitter or DIY confetti made from hole-punched wrapping paper for a fun, messy touch when they tear it open.

Sew the gift card into a unique package filled with glitter or confetti.

Put a book around it. Look for miniature Kraft paper journals at your local art supply store, and take the blank canvas as an invitation to customize with acrylic paints, decoupage, or lots and lots of glitter.

Wrap a gift card into a tiny blank journal for your creative friends.

Wrap it in an oversized box with a big, pretty bow. Classic trickery. Kids and grandpas alike will be amused.

Wrap your gift card in an oversized box.

Accompany it with something small and resourceful. A retail gift card is known to tuck perfectly into a pair of socks or gloves. If you’re buying a coffee shop gift card for a colleague or teacher, consider dropping it into an inexpensive coffee mug (you can even customize the gift with special paint pens for added effect).

More ideas? Share them with us in the comments!

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  1. promologo12 says:

    These are very unique and lovely ways of gift wrapping you have posted. Absolutely love this! So cute!
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