Good to Know: Holiday Storage Tips You’ll Love

It’s official — the holidays are here! Now we must answer the question: Where do we put them? If you find yourself wrangling, tangling and mangling your holiday decorations and gift-wrapping supplies every year, I might be able to help. I’m a sucker for storage.Laurie March Christmas Storage TipsCheck out my Good To Know tips for some simple ways to tame the festive clutter this season:

If those tips spoke to you, I’m just going to keep talking. I literally never stop looking for clever organizational solutions and this holiday season I can’t wait to tell you about a few new tricks. Here are three more items you might have hanging around your house that can help you do away with holiday debris.Paper Towel HolderPlain, standalone, vertical paper towel holders are also fantastic ribbon dispensers. Stack all of your favorite rolls of ribbon on top of each other, then pull and cut whatever length you need. You can keep it out at your wrapping station during prime present season and tuck it away easily in a closet or cabinet when the gift giving has slowed down a little.
Laurie March Xmas Storage

A toilet paper roll makes a great clamp to keep wrapping paper from unraveling.

Accordion File: I’m an admitted wrapping paper junkie, so wasting scraps is not an option for me. A week or two into the season, however, my wrapping station sometimes looks more like a ticker-tape parade. Basic (and affordable) office supply accordion files are the perfect way to keep wrap scraps and easily wrinkled tissue paper in fighting shape. The file’s tabs even allow you to organize by holiday or color, if you’re that crazy. (I’m that crazy.)
Laurie March Holiday Storage Tips

Wrap Christmas lights around a wire clothes hanger to prevent tangling and breakage.

Digital Picture Frame: We all love receiving holiday cards from friends and family, but once the ball drops and the New Year arrives, things get tricky. Do you give up some sweet storage space to those suckers or do you toss your cousin Terry in the trash? With a basic digital picture frame you don’t have to choose. You can scan each year’s cards onto the frame’s memory drive and display a heartwarming slideshow every season. Guests will love looking for old versions of themselves at parties and dinners. They’ll feel touched that you made an effort to remember them, and you can avoid feeling guilt over your garbage can.I hope you’ve all had a safe and wonderful season so far! As always, I’d love to hear from you if you’ve tried any of these strategies or if you have any others you’d like to share. After all, ideas don’t take up any space, so we can feel free to keep collecting them!

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  1. ThomasMaloney says:

    Holiday comes once every year so we sometimes have a tendency to overlook storing them properly. This might not be a huge problem but some of the items could be damaged by the time we retrieve them back the following year to be reused. The lights are a good example that need proper storage, else the bulbs might break and you need to get an entire new set which costs money.

  2. ThomasMaloney says:

    My family and I love handicrafts but I have to admit the cleaning process afterwards is really dreaded. It takes a lot of time and effort as most of the tools and accessories are often small in size and create a huge mess. However, if you really enjoy the activity, I think it is important to find proper storage solutions for the craft fixtures to continue appreciating the hobby. When everything is in place and neatly organized, it will be much easier to find the correct tools and accessories.

  3. dwallech says:

    I also like to get the see through plastic storage boxes that are all the same size. I can see what is in them and they stack neatly for storage. No more guessing what is in cardboard boxes and worrying how to neatly stack them.

  4. dwallech says:

    I keep a card list in the computer and save it as Christmas Card List. If there are any changes to addresses and/or names I can change the information and save it. This way I can keep the card list up to date and ready for the next time we are sending out cards!

  5. dwallech says:

    We have a village set that fits under a tree with houses. We also get 3 different new items to add to the village that are sold in retail stores. One of our granddaughters loves to set it all up. This is a great tradition and allows us one less task we do and allows for her to carry on the tradition we have had since we have been married. One day the village and all the extras will be passed on to her to put under her tree!

  6. dwallech says:

    We are able to leave our tree together and just leave the lights on them and have had our tree for a long time. We can leave our tree together and we just store it in an enclosed porch that allows for our tree to stand up in its base and allows for the lights to stay on it. The lights are stored on the tree and the plug is right at the base ready to be plugged into a very safe power cord strip!

  7. dwallech says:

    These ideas are just perfect for storage. I also love that they are inexpensive storage ideas as I am all into saving!!! Thanks so much for the storage tips and an inexpensive and small amount of space it takes to use them!!!!

  8. Trish says:

    I like the small container to hold the ornament hooks.
    I have the garment bag already…a lifesaver for sure.
    Instead of the clothes hanger for the lights. I roll up the magazines and roll the lights up onto them. Then, I can look back at the recipes and ideas to go "Aha, my DIY project I liked last year….to make THIS year!"

  9. Kate M. says:

    Great Tips!!!! I'm buying a garment bag immediately!


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