Home for the Holidays: 32 Festive Photos to Inspire Your Celebrations

magnolia garland

For the past month, we’ve been telling you about our holiday party with Made + Remade and HGTV.com’s Design Happens bloggers. We painted our nails (before we built the benches, of course), hung the stockings, stocked the bar, set the table, served simple desserts and much more. And tonight, we’re sharing all our ideas with you again at our Pinterest party! We hope you join our teams as we post photos and talk about our designs and how-to projects.

What’s my favorite project? I’m a sucker for anything green, so it’s got to be Virginia’s magnolia garland, seen above. Fresh greenery really brightens up a space and gives it that classic Christmas feel. And the aroma of evergreen … nothing beats it.

But I do really love the super easy and clever idea of wrapping your fireplace logs with lights, too …

logs wrapped with lights

Oh, and how could I forget Liz’s sugared cranberries? Instead of visions of sugar plums dancing it my head, I’ve got these things. Yum.

sugared cranberries

Really, every idea in our series gets me in the holiday spirit! If you missed our month-long party, or if you’re just looking for quick, simple, creative decorating ideas and recipes to use at your holiday celebrations (they’ll work for Christmas, New Year’s and more), check out the gallery below and click links to projects that spark your interest, or consult our guide to all the Made + Remade posts.


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