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block printed napkins on table

If you’re like me, nightly dinners don’t get special napkins. Often, I’m sorry to admit, I just grab a couple paper towels. But holiday parties are special and deserve extra-special napkins. For the place settings for our blogger party with Made + Remade and HGTV’s Design Happens crew, I dressed up store-bought gold-colored fabric napkins using a linoleum block and oil-based ink. They looked gorgeous alongside our handmade rustic place-card holders and planted gutter centerpiece all in our fresh and festive color palette.

table setting for holidays

Carving a linoleum block requires a little skill, but if you’re new to this craft, you can start off by carving rubber blocks that are a bit easier to work, like Emily did in her custom stamp how-to. The process is similar — transfer your pencil drawing to the block, then carefully carve out around the image. For a linoleum block, you need to wear gloves and be more careful. It’s easy to slip and gouge yourself (trust me).

I actually carved this pine cone block last Christmas to make handmade wrapping paper, which you can see here. (I used inexpensive kraft paper for the base, just like Marianne did for her DIY wrapping paper this year.)

 pine cone printed paper

For the paper, I used water-based ink, but for the fabric napkins, I used oil-based ink so it would last longer and wash better. The creative napkins served us well at our holiday party, both at the dining table and here on our food table. (Hungry? Here’s the recipe for that tasty lavash.)

food table for holiday party

If you are looking to take it a step further and sew your own dinner napkins, see the how-to photo gallery below.

We’ve teamed up with our friends over at HGTV.com’s Design Happens to throw a holiday party, and you’re invited! Follow along as we craft the party decor, set the holiday table and cook up the menu. Along the way, you’ll get the step-by-step instructions and tips to throw a great party in your home. Catch up on all the posts here.

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