Movember is Over: How Did We Do?

December is in full swing. Festive garlands are being hung, holiday spirits are being served, fireplaces are crackling (or not), chestnuts coffee beans are roasting and my mustache (moment of silence, please) didn’t make it.

Don’t mourn. Other mustaches from our Movember magnificent-seven-plus-two team are still going strong. (Blogger Mick Telkamp joined us from afar, and Jeremy Palewek, a fellow staffer and Movember veteran, joined our team late in the game.)

Nick Britsky, Made + Remade blogger and our Detroit contingency on the Movember team, sent us this before and after mashup shot. Good versus evil, anyone?

Ultimately, these mustaches may meet a fate similar to mine: a date with some shaving soap, a safety razor and a splash of Bay Rum aftershave.

movember team

Our Movember team in Knoxville included (clockwise from top left): Rich Lee, Jeremy Tilley, Robert Felker, Jeremy Pawelek, Watson Hawkins (that’s me pre-shave), and Dan Lipe.

But they will have done more than than tickle the lips of a few significant others and raked in expressions of mild astonishment: As a team, we raised more than $1,200 in the name of men’s health awareness, cancer and depression (hat tip goes to Jeremy Pawelek for his fundraising prowess). Not bad, right?

And we can always bring them back via some smartly-designed templates for an impromptu mustache party.

Tell us, did you participate in Movember? How’d it go?

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