Mo’ Glitter: 15 Printable Mustache Templates and Photo Booth Props

Mustache Templates

Made + Remade celebrates MovemberIt’s not that Hannah and I don’t support our fellow Made + Remade guys doing Movember. We totally do. It’s for a good cause. But does it have to be mustaches?

I’ve said it on HGTV’s Design Happens so I won’t say it again. But ‘staches aren’t my thing, like hearing fingernails against a chalk board or smelling rotten eggs might not be your thing. And before you call us judgmental, Hannah has practical reasons for being a ‘stache hater: “My husband did Movember last year. He looked a little too villainous with a mustache + goatee. And waking up next to that is scary.”

Yeah, OK. That’s not a practical reason. And Kelly totally called us out on it. So while the dudes have been growing mustaches, we’ve been researching them. All the popular styles. All the celebrities who rock them. And we finally found a way to like them — dare we say appreciate — with glitter.

Mustache Photobooth

Hannah designed these seriously cute photo booth prop templates. No mustache was spared. We’ve got everything from Ron Swanson to President Taft and all the accessories to pair with your ‘stache. Because everything is better with accessories.

Photobooth Prop TemplatesJust download the templates below, print on card stock, cut out your ‘staches of choice, glitter-bomb and tape to sticks. So easy! And instead of spending 30 bucks for a kit from Urban Outfitters or Party City, printing this will run you about $3.

Printable ‘Staches:

Printable Accessories:

These mustaches almost look cute. And we, of course, had to try them. Thanks to Dan for being our official impromptu photo booth photographer. Happy Movember, everyone!

Glitter Mustache Photobooth Prop

If you love these free printables, check out our holiday gift tag downloads!

If you use these templates, remember to post pics of yourself wearing them on Instagram using #maderemade!

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    I just saw Laurie March use a picture of various mustache in a bathroom setting. The free printables could create one of these, right? Thanks for sharing.

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    Thanks for these! Will come in handy.

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  17. James says:

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    Thanks for sharing! I linked to this post in my Glow Party series.

  19. Angelo says:

    look at that nice tutorial with a mustache and hat that I found

  20. Angie says:

    Thank you so much! just what i was looking for!

  21. Eden says:

    These are fabulous, thank you so much! I don't know if it's just me, but when I click on the Tom Selleck one it pulls up the Frenchie one as well, so I'm unable to print off that one. Would it be possible to reload the Tom Selleck one please?

  22. Jenni says:

    These are awesome! Thank you. :)

  23. Jennifer says:

    So cute! Thanks so much for sharing your templates!


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