How to Maintain Your Safety Razor

Like any tool, your safety razor will perform better if well maintained.

Made + Remade celebrates MovemberThe best thing you can do to maintain your razor is to dry it off after every use. This helps to prevent rust and removes a majority of soap residue that may be left behind by rinsing. This also seriously extends the life of the blade — for me, I can use a single blade about 7 shaves if I take care of it. Mind you, I buy the $2.68 box of 10 at the grocery store. A premium blade will give you a lot longer life. But if you’re like me and you just wipe off the exposed areas, you might want to do a little deep clean. After a month of shaving my whole* face, I thought my safety razor might need a little attention.

Safety razor displayed in parts.

Exploded view of my safety razor.

Start by taking the whole thing apart. Using an alcohol-dampened rag, get into all of those crevices. Be sure to clean each and every surface. I found a bunch of build-up in places that a routine wipe-off didn’t get to. The alcohol helps loosen the residue and kills bacteria at the same time. Do a visual inspection to make sure you’ve been thorough.

Dispose that old blade and get out a fresh one. Your face deserves it, no matter how ugly you are.

Put it back together.

The razor blade is straight before tightening down the handle. Once tightened down, the blade is curved.

It’s that simple and only took 5 minutes. Now go shave that mug. And while you are at it, learn more about man-cancer research by checking out the Made+Remade Movember Team page.

*If you see me on a regular basis, you know that I rarely sport anything other than a full beard. In fact, the last time I did not have a face-full of hair was almost two years ago.

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