5 Fab DIY Holiday Garland Ideas


Deck the halls, we will! Whether it’s for wrapping around the tree or adorning doorways, a custom garland goes a long way at making the holiday season merry and bright. Looking for thought starters? Here are some easy designs that you can make for yourself at home.

Tin-Foil Decor

Consider what you already have in the kitchen. Ball up 5-inch pieces of common tin foil, and create a silvery chain using a needle and thread. (Side note: I made those portland cement letters last year and they will be part of our decor this year too!)

Tin foil garland is inexpensive, easy, and impacting in the home during the holiday season.

Paper Circles

Sew pieces of newsprint or construction paper together. To get the perfectly round shape I did here, invest in a paper punch from your local craft store (my tool produces circles measuring 3.5″ diameter, and cost $15). I stacked about 10 sheets of paper for a little extra dimension that goes a long way.

Make a newspaper chain using a paper punch, newspaper, and a sewing machine.

From the Sea

Bring your favorite beach-themed items out for display. A garland of perfect seashells and starfish? Yes, please. (To see this and more beach-themed holiday decor ideas, check out this photo gallery on HGTV.)

Sea life garland for a beach house!

Classic Chain

Ahh, can’t go wrong with a classic chain (even the kids will want to get their hands in on it). Instead of construction paper, think of other possible resources, like patterned scrap-booking paper, magazines, or like I succeeded with, oak veneering strips. Quick tip: Instead of using an iron to melt the adhesive that comes on the veneer, use a dab of Superglue and allow it to dry clamped with close pins.

DIY paper chain? Think outside the box and use wooden veneer for a natural touch in your holiday decor.

Pine Cone String

String pine cones. You might be lucky enough to find all the materials you’ll need right in your backyard. If not, you might find success with dried florals like these that I found at a craft store. Thread works, but a floral wire would work better for heavier interpretations.

DIY garland using pine cones or dried florals to achieve a natural effect.

You can also use handmade or store-bought garland to wrap presents, like you’ll see below. Other ideas? Share them with us in the comments!

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