DIY Chalkboard Advent Wall Calendar


Y’all, I did it. I broke down and busted out some Christmas before Thanksgiving was over. I’m torn between being proud of myself for being so ahead of the game, and being ashamed of myself for breaking the code. But … I had to do it. Between Thanksgiving and a few little celebrations this week, if I didn’t get our very first DIY Advent calendar up, it wouldn’t have happened in time for December 1st.

I’ll be the first to admit that we’re not the most religious family. But we do want our daughter to understand the story of Christmas, so that it’s not just a carnival of presents with Santa Claus headlining the act. Because our daughter is still a few months shy of turning three, explaining things in small bites with lots of repetition is key to helping her learn what Christmas really means. With an Advent calendar, we get to give her a small lesson every day leading up to Christmas, with the carrot of a small trinket that will delight her. 

Plus, it’s just fun.

We have a chalkboard wall that’s been hanging out empty lately, and I knew it would be the perfect backdrop for a modern Advent wall calendar.


I grabbed a package of glassine envelopes from my local craft store and grabbed some red paper I had on hand. Then, I chose a festive font I liked for my numbers and printed them out in outline, so I could cut them out. Next, I made a run to my local toy store for a few small and inexpensive little toys. I glued on the red numbers and then stuffed the envelopes with the toys before I tacked them up on the wall in a Christmas tree shape. A few chalk outlines and a little hand-lettered holiday cheer, and done-zo! Easy peasy DIY Advent Wall Calendar.

I can’t wait to get started on the calendar with Elsa. As a kid, we always had the Advent calendar with the chocolates behind the little doors — you guys TOTALLY know what I’m talking about, don’t you? Those things were the BEST. Why don’t they make those suckers in a twelve month calendar? Seriously. Somebody get on that. 

If you’re looking for more countdown-to-Christmas ideas, check out this clever idea for no-sew Advent calendar bags in the photo gallery below, as well as chalkboard craft ideas that you can make for Christmas decorations, parties or gifts!

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