Upcycle Coffee Bags Into Christmas Stockings

Coffee bags, colored burlap cutouts, fabric scraps, and bright stitching make for fun and creative rustic stockings. (photos by Bob Farley)

For a rustic Christmas, coffee bag stockings hung on the mantel with care is the way to go. Rustic doesn’t have to mean country. The style can be elegant, natural and sophisticated if partnered with pine cone decorations, tassel garlands, and log votives. Create a festive and glowing fireplace to complete the look.

If you frequent coffee houses, chances are you can score a few bags on your next visit. Look for bags with colored lettering, interesting printed designs, tight weave burlap, and braided seams. All of these elements can be featured in the making of the stockings, and you’ll be able to cut out two or three stockings from each bag.

Check out the design ideas below for inspiration, then consult the gallery for basic how-to steps. I like to use the bags’ lettering and strategically place splashes of color, bright zigzag stitching, and fun fabrics to enhance or exaggerate the look. Whatever you do, be creative and have fun!

Draw your own designs on muslin or canvas first for patterns that will last.

coffee bag stocking

Use the lettering on the coffee bag to create a cool effect on your stocking. If the lettering doesn’t line up exactly how you want, you can always cut out the printed part separately and applique it onto the stocking before assembly.

Cut out designs from other fabrics and applique them onto the stocking before assembly. Use bright thread and a zigzag stitch.

Add a ruffled top for a feminine look.

This how-to photo gallery below will give the basics of making a stocking. The tutorial uses burlap but keeps the frayed edges out, and you could do the same with your coffee bag stockings. You could also turn the edges in, like I did, for a more finished look.

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