Creative Genius: The Proper Pinwheel’s Lexy Ward

Meet Lexy. Image via The Proper Pinwheel.

Hey everyone: Please allow me to introduce my pal (and blogging wunderkind) Lexy Ward of The Proper Pinwheel.

I stumbled upon one of Lexy’s fabulous projects several years ago and pretty much instantly fell in love with her site. Somewhere along the way, we connected via Twitter and a digital friendship was born. When I was in Denver at the end of September for a wedding, Lexy was sweet enough to take some time out of her crazy busy schedule to meet up with me for breakfast.

There are a few things you should know about that breakfast. First, if you ever get to have breakfast with Lexy, let her choose the place. The girl knows her breakfast spots. She introduced me to Jelly and my world sort of shifted in the most beautiful way. Second, what started out as a quick breakfast between bloggers turned into a two-hour epic chat fest. Lexy is just as kind, sweet and funny in person as she is on her blog. As it turned out, I didn’t have much time to follow up with Lexy after our breakfast because just a couple days later, she and her husband welcomed their adorable daughter into the world.

Which brings me to the third thing you should know about Lexy: Even with a newborn, an über popular blog to manage, and all of life’s normal obligations, Lexy found the time to answer a few more questions. You know. The ones we somehow didn’t cover in our marathon donut extravaganza.

Cutest family in the world, right? Image via The Proper Pinwheel.

Q: Hi Lexy! Thanks for doing a little Q & A with Made + Remade. First up, I’m dying to know: Where did the “The Proper Pinwheel” come from?
A: When I was little, my mom threw a birthday party for me and there were pinwheels everywhere! And it just kind of stayed with me through the years! Pinwheels here and there. PLUS — they are, like, the world’s easiest paper decoration!

Q: You post new pretty party projects all. the. time. How/where do you find inspiration?
A: I love scouring flea markets and antique stores for old magazines and party decor. It’s fun to see what was cool fifty years ago and add a new and modern spin to it.

Q: Have you always been crafty, or did you discover the talent later in life?
A: Both of my parents worked full-time when I was growing up, so my grandma babysat me pretty frequently. She always had a craft set up for me to do each day. She wanted her grand kids to be little creatives!

Q: What’s your favorite project you’ve done lately? What about ever?
A: Fave project is actually a holiday series (MISSION: MERRY 2012). I shared a holiday-themed DIY project every day until Christmas. I plan to do the series again this year, so get ready for some merry merriness!

Q: On the flip side, do you have a memorable Pinterest fail? We all know not every project turns out perfectly and my fails are usually pretty hilarious.
A: I once made a garland out of shower loofahs. Enough said …

Q: How have your DIY skills evolved? Is there a project you’re still dying to tackle?
A: I’m slowly learning how to better style my photos and save time with tips and tricks. I’m really anxious to share a lot of home renovations. I need a house first. Can someone help me with that?

Q: What’s one thing your readers and/or the casual outside observer may not realize about you? I tell people all the time that my house is not even close to as clean as it looks in my photos …
A: Life as a DIYer is m-e-s-s-y. You usually only see the pretty finished product. If you could see what is going on outside the picture area, you’d slap me!

A huge and heartfelt “thank you” to Lexy for spending some time with us today. Didn’t I tell you she was AWESOME? Do yourself a favor and head over to her blog – follow her immediately. Email, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, all of it. You can thank me later. And if you live in Denver (or really, anywhere within 100 miles of Denver) just go as fast as you can to Jelly. Order more than you think you can eat. Try each flavor. TRUST ME. I am a reliable source of donut-eating advice

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  1. Wendy Stanger says:

    Lexy is an amazing person and mom and creative thinker!!!

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