3 Favorite Mustache Crafts to Try for Movember

mustache straw topper

Would a mustache straw topper make you cooler at your next party? You be the judge, and find links to the how-to instructions and downloadable templates below.

Made + Remade celebrates MovemberNo matter how much some of us may hope for its demise, the mustache design trend has not died. (You can follow our staff’s internal debate about this topic in this post on HGTV’s Design Happens, complete with a conversational detour into Tom Selleck adoration.) But as we’re celebrating Movember (also called No-Shave November) this month on Made + Remade (complete with handmade shaving soap), it seems like a good time to lower our defenses and just give in to this trend for a while. Just a little while. So here are a few of our favorite ways to craft the ‘stache.

Mustache Candy Gift Tags

mustache lollipopsThere’s something about holding a mustache up to your face that makes you feel cool, like wearing glasses makes people feel smart. You can find mustache-shaped sugary goodness most anywhere that carries specialty candy. Like most things, I prefer them made of chocolate, and so does this little guy sporting his ‘stache. Though I realize it’s FAR too early to be talking about Valentine’s Day, you can check out this gift tag idea in the photo gallery below and download a template for giving these tasty treats with an oh-so-punny gift tag that reads: “I mustache you to comb on over.” (Ha, a facial hair and balding joke in one!) Make adjustments based on the holiday or celebration of your choice.

Mustache Straws

mustache strawsDoes tea taste better when you’re Tom Selleck? You’ll have to try these pithy mustache straw toppers to find out. They’re easy to make and can lend a dose of humor to your next cocktail party — maybe one to celebrate the Made + Remade Movember team, perhaps? Download the template and choose from a variety of mustache styles to make your own.

Wearable Felt Mustache

OK, so first of all, I realize you’re looking at a woman wearing fangs. That’s just one idea in this video. The other idea is similar to the craft above but makes the mustache wearable with or without a straw. Cut out a mustache shape (you might use the template from the straw toppers to help guide you) and attach elastic to make it wearable. Feel free to rock this look at the end of Movember if, by chance, your 30-day mustache-growing escapades haven’t yielded the debonair look you’re after.

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  1. The crafts you shared are really the productive and working too. The ideas are really the good and will help a lot to the craft maker as these will advance this concept. And provide the craft makers with the new and advance way of making these and will add value to these too.

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