In the Mo-ment: Made + Remade Kicks Off Movember

Rich Lee preparing for his shave

Made + Remade Movember team member Rich Lee prepares for a shave by master barber Marcus Blair at Roosters Men’s Grooming in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Made + Remade celebrates MovemberIt’s happened to you. You’re in the produce department, or dining out, or standing in line for movie tickets and you see … it. Or him, rather. A gentleman sporting a mustache and not even a fully-grown one at that without a shred of hipster irony.

Sure, you might be able to rattle off 10 guys who could pull off a mustache, but there are only two in recent history for me: Burt and Tom, whose mustaches were so cool I don’t even have to say their last names.


Watson sporting fun attire

Yes, I’ve looked like this before, and I love my movies, music and beer well-crafted, but I’ve never tried to express myself through facial hair.

Until today. A magnificent seven of us from Made + Remade and Scripps Networks have assembled a Movember team to raise awareness for men’s health concerns. Here’s the skinny: All of us start today, November 1, clean-shaven and then grow a mustache through the entire month. Our goals? Conspicuous and ubiquitous mustaches that start conversations about men’s health issues including prostate and testicular cancer.

Rich Lee and I got a head start on Movember Eve at our local Roosters Men’s Grooming, where master barber Marcus Blair generously donated his time and compensation on behalf of Movember. Take a look.

Watson getting a shave

Here I am, all lathered up and ready for my close shave, and my close-up.

Rich gets an artful shave to start off Movember right.

Come back to Made + Remade during the month of Movember for fun updates on our team’s progress and to learn about the fine art of shaving, homemade grooming products and much more. You can also follow us at #maderemade.

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  4. Okay being a girl I know nothing about this article, all I could understand is what I have seen in the pictures and it goes like this: boys have some shaving fashion or whatever and you are telling what looks best on them and what not.

  5. Watson says:

    Hey! I would kill to grow handlebars, but I can't grow any hair on the sides of my mouth, but my 'stache is finally starting to come around almost 20 days in – final pics forthcoming …

  6. Mensea says:

    Is one month long enough to grow some serious facial hair? I want to see some handlebars so can you go for 3 months?

  7. Cornelia says:

    came out very good hairstyle! You are one of the best hair stylist of the world. I like you so much.


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