9 Tips for Fall Brides from Creative Genius Amy Osaba

Amy Osaba's 9 Tips for Fall Brides

Have you ever walked into an event and thought, “This is so [insert name of bride, groom, or host here]!” That is Creative Genius Amy Osaba’s specialty. For the past seven years, she’s worked with couples in the Atlanta area to tailor their special day — making each and every detail personal just to them.

It started with friends asking her to help with their “look,” and soon she realized there was a real need that she could fill. Amy’s style is a mixture of vintage and organic as she combines handpicked treasures with beautiful flowers and greenery. Lucky for us, today she’s sharing 9 tips for fall brides with Made + Remade!

Amy Osaba's 9 Tips for Fall Brides

Amy’s Advice for Fall Brides

1. Foliage Take advantage of what nature is giving you during this beautiful season by using fall foliage such as maple leaf, crab apple branches, peppercorn, and other fall herbs and seasonal greenery throughout your wedding. Don’t be afraid to make an entire centerpiece or garland just out of these types of materials. You’ll get an organic and autumnal look for less money than you would if you were to use a lot of flowers.

2. Flowers Besides the spring, fall is the time for flowers. You may not know it, but fall is THE season for peonies. You can get a wide variety of peonies that are not available the rest of the year, like these burgundy peonies and gorgeous tree peonies. Dahlias are also one of fall’s signature flowers. You can get deep red, light pink, and almost black dahlias this season to incorporate the gorgeous colors of fall.

3. Metallics We love metallics for fall: pewter, gold, silver, mercury glass — EVERYTHING. Spray paint different objects or even some greenery (like eucalyptus) to bring in a little more texture into your tablescapes.

4. Bring the Inside Out Hang pictures of loved ones on a tree, add cozy vignettes with rented furniture, and bring along some blankets and wraps in a basket for your guests to enjoy around a warm fireplace. You can even bring a rug outside to complete your outdoor sitting room.

5. Seasonal Drinks Think about including seasonal drinks into your bar for your guests to enjoy. My favorites are apple cider with a cinnamon stick, hot cocoa, pumpkin beer, and pomegranate sangria.

6. Fruit Think outside the flower — throw some gorgeous fruits in with your table displays to create yet another layer of interest onto your table. Things like apples, persimmons, pears, and figs will give your tables an interesting layer of texture and may even spark a bit of conversation between your guests.

7. Antlers! Sorry I got excited, but adding a few antlers as accent pieces throughout your table vignettes is another great way to add a bit more interest. Plus, they look really cool!

8. Candles Lots and lots of candles. Warm candle light will give your event a warm feeling from the moment you walk into the reception to the minute you get into the getaway car.

9. Don’t Get Too Literal Take advantage of the season, but avoid using pumpkins all over the wedding. The same goes for bails of hay and corn stalks. Less is always more when you’re working around one central idea, like autumn, for your event.

For more on Creative Genius Amy Osaba, check out her website, amyosaba.com, and find more of Amy’s tips in living color in our DIY weddings video series.

All Photos Courtesy of Amy Osaba

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