Simple and Quick Halloween Window Decorations

We have some fairly significant windows facing our front entry door. And when I say “significant,” I mean a 120-inch bay window and two transom windows on either side of the front door. (Have you ever tried to find a double curtain rod to fit a 10 foot window? I’ll just give you a hint — they’re hard to come by without dropping some serious cash.) Until we got some curtains up, it felt pretty much exactly like what I imagine it feels like to live in a zoo. For the sake of our privacy, we put up white semi-sheer curtains on the bay window and I gave the transom windows a DIY faux frosted glass treatment with — tah-dah! — frosted contact paper.

Big windows = lots of light, a hefty curtain budget, and a GREAT space for Halloween decorations.

BUT our crazy huge window makes for the PERFECT stage for holiday decorations. Yes, I admit that I daydream designs like it’s my own personal Anthropologie window display. Someday, I’m going to go nuts and do it up big like I’m dying to, but for now, I keep it simple and as non-cheesy as possible.

Here’s the 10-foot window from the inside.

To spook things up for Halloween, I wanted to do something quick, simple and inexpensive. I managed to do everything I set out to without spending any money by using materials we already owned, which basically just means we can give out a higher caliber of candy to trick-or-treaters. Score for the neighborhood kids. All I needed was a design that would stand out against white curtains AND look good in silhouette. Cue the creepy-crawley music — it’s time for spiders and bats.

For the bay window, I grabbed a roll of black electrical tape. I free-handed a spiderweb design, using the full width for the straight sections, and cut the tape in half to make skinnier lengths for the scalloped sections. Then I used some black card stock, black pipe cleaners and a length of black string to rig up a spider who could hang out and look creepy in the corner. 

Here’s the finished product in daylight …

For the transom windows, I kept it super simple. I used a bat cutout template from Pinterest and cut out my bats. Then I used a piece of double-stick tape to affix the bats to the windows. 

The daylight pics may be fun, but it’s how the windows look after dark that makes me a little Halloween geek giddy. 

Several of the neighbors, the mailman, a guy running for city councilor and even a woman in a car driving by as I carried groceries in this afternoon have all given our spooky scene windows a thumb’s up. So, of course, I’m already planning on how I can go bigger and better for Christmas. Pandora’s Box? All signs point to yes.

What do you think? Do you decorate the exterior of your house for the holidays? See below for more simple DIY Halloween decorations.

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  1. Appreciate your talent.Really great window designs

  2. Lazaro says:

    Really great window designs.Appreciate your talent.

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