Accent Your Home With DIY Pumpkin Planters

Pumpkins! To kick off the fall season, I decided to do my entryway right using two of my favorite fall goodies: big round pumpkins and colorful mums. The finished pieces turned out really well and are very seasonally appropriate and suitable right up through Thanksgiving! Also, I’ve got you covered for other front yard decorating ideas for the season. Check them out.

How to make pumpkin planters for fall home decor.

First things first, it’s not a bad idea to use a power tool to make the opening in the top of the pumpkin, if you have access to one. It just keeps things quick, easy and clean. I like my cordless jigsaw but have used reciprocating saws in the past too.

Use a jigsaw or knife to open the pumpkin.

Clean out those pumpkins and roast the seeds. Seeds are, in my opinion, the best part of any pumpkin-excavating project. I like them with a bit of the pumpkin residue left on. I don’t rinse them, but just add a bit of salt and bake at 350 degrees F for 18-22 minutes spread out on a lightly sprayed cookie sheet. (Good luck trying to save some for your significant other who clearly will not get any of the deliciousness if he or she is not present within the hour.)

Clean out the pumpkins for your planters (and make some seeds)!

Make holes in the bottom of the pumpkins for drainage. A drill bit is perfect for this, but again, use a knife and carve holes carefully if you’re doing this sans power tools.

How to make a pumpkin planter with drainage. An easy DIY project.

Drop in your flowers of choice (mine, mums!), and enjoy!

How to make planters using pumpkins for seasonal fall decor.

Lacking space for big pumpkins? Consider the tiny gourds that you can pick up this time of year. Remove the stem (you’ll probably be fine using a sharp knife instead of a jigsaw here), spoon out the contents, drill drainage holes, and drop in some color.

How to make tabletop planters using mini gourds and mums!

They’re the perfect little centerpiece.

Make mini planters for tabletop decor during the fall season!

For more pumpkin inspiration, check out these wacky Jack O’ Lanterns and additional Halloween decorating ideas.

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  2. Amy BeVille says:

    I would leave the mum in a pot. A pumpkin will rot fairly quickly – this is a short-lived decoration. Coating the inside of the pumpkin with vasoline will extend its viability. You can also use the pumpkin for a lovely floral arrangement – just put your vase inside and don't drill drain holes!

  3. joy says:

    are the pumpkins filled with soil before adding the mums? May seem like a stupid question but I re-read this several times and no where do I see 'soil' mentioned

    • susanwaller says:

      Yes! Saw on another site that you should use potting soil,not soil from the ground. I am going to try mine by sticking the six inch pot right in the pumpkin and not drill drainage holes


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