11 Crafts to Tackle While Your Family Watches Football

It’s recently come to my attention that there’s a thing called “Football Widows,” women who virtually lose their husbands to the tube, the tailgate and the touchdowns for several months during football season. On Saturdays (or Sundays, for those pro fans), their homes and family lives are sacrificed to the game. Does that scenario sound familiar to you?

If you’re like me, you can only pay attention to so much football. But of course, you want to spend time with your family. So here’s my tip: Sit there in the living room, lovingly cheer when everyone else cheers, but also bring your own pastimes to, well, pass the time. When football season comes around (like now), fire up your glue gun and get out your scissors — it’s time to get your craft on! Here are 11 simple crafts you can do while your family watches football.

1. Team-Color Washi Tape Cups

plastic cups decorated with washi tape
Start with a project that everyone will appreciate: plastic cups decorated with washi tape in your team’s colors. This is an easy, inexpensive way to spruce up any tailgating or football party. Once you get started, you’ll want to washi-tape (yes, I used that as a verb) everything and thankfully, you’ll have a few solid hours to do so.

2. Make Custom Greeting Cards

miniature greeting cards
The holidays will be here before you know it, and you’re going to need lots of cards for gift tags, thank-you notes and the like. Get a head-start and make your own miniature greeting cards now. This is a super simple craft to do while sitting on the couch. Just be careful with that knife.

3. Make Your Own Stamp From a Potato

stamp made from a potato

Surely you’ve tried this one before. I think I made my first potato stamp in about third grade, or whenever they started allowing us to use knives in art class. Grilled potatoes are a great idea for tailgating food, too, so just set a few aside from your pre-game cooking for your during-the-game crafts. See how to make one here. You can even combine this idea with the greeting cards above.

4. Make Clay Pushpins in Team Colors

colorful clay DIY push pins
Again, here’s where you can insert a little spirit and make custom clay push pins in your team’s colors. The how-to is completely easy. You’ll need to step away to bake them in the oven, but you need something to do during half-time anyway, right?

5. Personalized Cake Toppers

custom DIY cake toppers

If you’re not a football widow yet but can see it coming post-wedding, claim your craft space now before the time even comes. Set up shop in front of the TV and paint these adorable DIY cake toppers for your upcoming nuptials, or customize the idea for any celebration. See more ideas and how-tos here.

6. Craft a Custom Luggage Tag

custom luggage tag you can make

If travel is part of your family’s football season repertoire — or if you’re already dreaming of where you’ll go after the season is over — give yourself something special and make your own custom luggage tag.

7. Craft Paper Flowers

origami chrysanthemums you can make

Summer may be (almost) over but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fresh flowers. How about making them yourself? Try these paper mums, perfect for fall. You can also make other paper flowers, like paper roses, gardenias and orchids.

8. Paint Picture Frames

picture frames decorated with glass paint

Again, team colors — you get the drill. These picture frames decorated with glass paint are fun, easy and totally football-friendly.

9. Decorate Switch Plates and Outlet Covers

outlet covers decorated with washi tape

Remember those washi tape cups your family loved so much? They only take a minute to make. So fill the rest of the time with this fun idea using the same materials: outlet covers adorned with colorful tape.

10. Make a Scalloped Paper Lantern

scalloped paper lantern

This is a fun one for those of you who can handle scissors like a pro. Dress up a pre-made paper lantern with scallops that give it modern, festive appeal. You could do this for the party, for another party or just for a splash of pretty every day.

11. Make Halloween Costumes

superhero halloween costumes While many of these homemade Halloween costumes require a sewing machine to accomplish, you can get pieces cut out and prepped on the living room floor, or maybe you have your sewing machine and TV in the same room (look how smart you are!)? Look through these fun ideas, including one for the little superheroes in your life.

Tell us: Do you have a favorite football craft? What ideas do you have for getting creative during the game?

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  1. ilovediy says:

    That is NOT origami. Please stop telling people that cutting up pieces of paper and gluing them together is origami.

    • Kelly Smith Trimble says:

      Hi ilovediy, Good point and thank you. I've adjusted the post above so it's not misleading about origami.


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