Make These Rustic Wedding Centerpieces

Save money on your wedding: Make your own rustic centerpieces using pine branches and logs.
As a bride, I took on as many of the do-it-myself-able components of my wedding as possible. It allowed me the opportunity to customize the details of the day, from the decor and the ceremony script (yes!) to the overall theme without chancing that a vendor wouldn’t deliver or would miss the mark. And most of all, the DIY strategy saved us a lot of money.

Rustic centerpieces were a must with our theme, and while inspiration runs abundant (check out this rustic chic wedding gallery too), these log vases were something that I was able to put together in a day with a mix of store-bought and organically found components:

  • Small logs (3-6″ in diameter)
  • Pine branches
  • Candles and votives

I used a chop saw to cut logs into assorted lengths – 1″ to 7″ – and then used a 1/2″ drill bit to create holes in one end of each log. Insta-vase!

Cut small logs to size, and drill into them with a 1/2

After drilling the holes, all you need to do is add your chosen accents. Mine were a mix of real pine branches and a few twigs of faux tallow berry branches. (Note: Don’t rely on your log vases to hold water. For instance, wildflowers may not hold up as well as something heartier over the course of the night).

Use pine branches in your wedding centerpiece decor. An easy DIY!

I accented the wooden logs with an assortment of tea lights and votives, which added a little more layered interest to the centerpiece. Clustered in groups on each of our reception tables, they added a consistent rustic element to our wedding day. What are your favorite DIY centerpiece ideas?

Here are a few more wedding centerpiece ideas to inspire your DIY wedding. I hope it’s as fun as ours was!

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  1. great design, i like it

  2. Karina Mora says:

    Hi there, these are great!

    where did you find the small logs?

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