Blog Cabin Project of the Week: Create a Winding Path

DIY's Blog Cabin 2013 features a winding gravel path in the front yard

A casual gravel path winds around the landscape of DIY’s Blog Cabin 2013 on the North Carolina coast. See how to get a similar look at home using gravel, pavers or flagstone.

It may be the last week to enter the Blog Cabin giveaway and our final Project of the Week post, but it’s certainly not your last opportunity to mine the coastal getaway for great how-to ideas that you can do at home. Take, for example, the alluring gravel path that winds through the coastal landscape to the charming front porch and out to the waterfront. At the home’s side and back entries, the path changes gently from gravel to flagstone. See the flagstone walkway here at the east entry at dusk.


Blog Cabin east entry path at dusk

This flagstone version of the winding path starts with the same first steps. (Pun intended.)

I can just imagine walking through this landscape, hearing the sound of the waves nearby. Relaxing, right?

Well, we may not all live on the coast, but we can all have that relaxing vibe at home, thanks to these instructions for creating a casual pathway. Follow the steps in the how-to photo gallery below to design and build your own walkway.

For more inspiration, check out these pictures of Blog Cabin’s front yard (be sure to linger on that stunning coastal view). And if you haven’t had a chance to enter yet — or you want to increase your chances — be sure to enter twice daily (once on and once on until the sweepstakes ends this Friday, September 13, 2013 (scary, right?) at 5 p.m. ET.

11 Responses

  1. Linda says:

    I have to say this one was my baby that I tried so hard to win, if the winning couple ever decides to sell please let me know, or rent it. I would love the opportunity to see and stay in this magnificent home! ALL OF YOU ARE SO, SO, VERY LUCKY TO OWN THIS HOME! I AM SURE THE KIDS LOVE IT! KEEP US IN MIND IF YOU HAVE A CHANGE OF HEART. DIY.HGTV THE BEST ONE EVER! THEY HAVE ALL BEEN TOP NOTCH THAT IS FOR SURE! THANKS LIN

  2. nruss says:

    I love this pebble pathway and the natural winding look. I so want to win this house – in the meantime, am going to try to follow the instructions to make a path to my "butterfly sanctuary" I am trying to create. Thanks for all the wonderful tips. I am keeping my fingers crossed to get that winning call.

  3. ablessedgrandma says:

    I can just imagine walking down the pebble path from the beautiful front porch. Walking along with my grandchildren and our dog "Puddles". The landscaping is out of this world. The scenery just blows my mind. Fantastic job ! Whoever wins this house is so Blessed. I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES!

  4. [...] look at the step-by-step instructions we’ve posted — it only takes one day to create a pebble-filled winding path just like the one that leads from the Blog Cabin 2013 front porch to the grape vine-shaded pergola. [...]

  5. Msbubbles3 says:

    The landscaping blends so well with the overall property – simplicity and beauty…

  6. RobinS. says:

    The landscaping is so beautiful!!! I can just imagine stepping out on that walkway in the early morning with my coffee and hearing the sound of the waves nearby!

  7. Gerry says:

    It seems that all the projects and give always are in the south, Are you ever going to do one in the north??? Even TV projects are southern and in the north with frost and freezing prep is different so does not address how things would be built in the northern part of the country, Don't get me wrong I love everything you do, just saying…

  8. bythebaydreamer says:

    Just beautiful! The slides for the pathway project really help to picture what is needed to make these enchanting pathways! Thank you!

  9. Valerie says:

    Where are the pecan trees located…I can't tell in the pictures. It looks like maybe by the outside kitchen might be one or two. Does there need to eventually be edging between the grass and walkway to keep from mixing or does it stay in place pretty well? Love the outside and inside for that matter but I would have loved some more flowers personally.

  10. Sheri says:

    The Blog Cabin has gorgeous landscaping. I have watched each groups contribution. Wow. What a difference anyone can make in their own yard.Not everyone has ocean front but it could still make a difference.Good luck.


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