Blog Cabin Project of the Week: How to Make Wood Look Old, Weathered or Distressed

glass jars displayed on weathered wood panels

For an artistic display in the Blog Cabin media room, vintage jars were filled with sand and attached to pieces of distressed wood. An awl created the look of worm holes in these panels.

New isn’t always better. In fact, many people (including me) prefer a vintage, well-loved look for the furniture and artwork around their house. At DIY’s Blog Cabin, distressed and weathered wood makes a big appearance. And while much of the wood was weathered over time by the harsh coastal elements, project manager Dylan Eastman used some clever techniques to give other items the same look in a fraction of the time. Luckily, all the techniques he employed are safe, natural and easy to use at home. Dylan distressed wood using around-the-house tools, such as an awl to create the look of worm holes or a chain to give a battered and beaten appearance like years of rough weather. He also altered the the color of pieces using handy, natural household chemicals, including white vinegar and black tea.

driftwood displayed on a weathered wood panel

In the Blog Cabin master bedroom, a rustic wood panel serves as the backdrop for sculptural pieces of driftwood, a nod to the home’s remote coastal location. Chemical processes produce this weathered look.

Browse this gallery of Dylan’s tips from Blog Cabin, and try some of the simple, natural weathering and distressing techniques. Then check out more Blog Cabin 2013 how-to projects to get the coastal cottage look at your own home.

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  1. Dan says:

    This is such a cool idea. Thanks for sharing!


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