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Here at Made + Remade, we love sharing stories about crafting and DIY-ing. And it’s not all about perfect successes, either. It’s about the learning process and the journey along the way. Do I sound like a crafting guru? Maybe I want to be. At any rate, our bloggers have been sharing sneak peeks, process pics and final shots of our projects on Instagram using the hashtag #maderemade for a few months now. The pics aren’t always perfect, but they’re real — and real is what we’re all about.

We love checking up on one another through this virtual studio! But what we’d really love is to see more of what YOU are up to. Have you remade one of the projects you’ve discovered here? Used a skill or tip you’ve learned? Made or found something cool that you just want us to see? Share your pics and stories with us and the whole Made + Remade community on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook using #maderemade. We can’t wait to see!

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  4. [...] around and get cool ideas for lots of different types of projects. If you want in on the action, join the Virtual Studio by using #maderemade when posting to facebook, twitter, and [...]


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