Finding Inspiration for a Pebble Patio and Stone Fire Pit

Since moving into a new house and removing a very, very large shrub, my husband and I have been hunting for patio and fire pit inspiration. The cleared space and ground stump left a natural clearing in the backyard (free of overhead obstructions like wires and branches), so we immediately began using it for campfires. It only seems efficient for us to continue to reinvent this space as a real patio, an intentional outdoor living space. Easier than finding grass seed to match the rest of the yard, am I right?

Planning for a backyard pebble stone patio.

I really adored the flagstone patio that we built at our last house. Flagstone may once again be in our future as it’s already used as an accent in our new home, but we have a slightly different vision for this more casual backyard: pebble stones. I don’t so much mean a pebble patio like one that is concrete covered with stones and epoxy, but more like this gravel patio with a border.

Round pebble stone patio inspiration.

Located on the edge of our wooded backyard, it seems like round pebble gravel might be a good fit, with slate or field stones serving well as the border for a centered, inset fire pit. Classic camping style. If only it was on a beach like this fieldstone fire pit. It’s dreamy.

A fieldstone fire pit, perfect for any backyard.

There’s still a substantial amount of planning and work that goes into installing a patio, so we’ll begin the process this fall and winter with a plan of puttin’ her in the ground next spring.

If the fire pit above has you swooning like me, you’ll enjoy browsing through this gallery of expert-designed fireplaces and fire pits. Then tell me: Have you come across any other inspired fire pits? Share in the comments!

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  1. I have a suggestion for those without a red flowering plant nearby, such as us in the Southwest dry arid areas… panvoya

  2. AsharSeo says:

    Lana excels at perfecting the small details, and while many of the details you see here are new or vintage, she has a way of crafting her own along the way. The dream catcher in the photo above? Her own creation -Greg Aziz

  3. AsharSeo says:

    We have a fire bowl cut out in the shape of the earth…. ….click here

  4. AsharSeo says:

    different view when the mood arises. We have a fire bowl cut out in the shape of the earth….cadivi

  5. AsharSeo says:

    We have a big back yard and like to move it around for a different view when the mood arises…simple website designs

  6. gnomepark says:

    Love the sand! Great idea like the fire pit is on the beach. I'm still a fan of the portable fire pits. We have a big back yard and like to move it around for a different view when the mood arises. We have a fire bowl cut out in the shape of the earth.

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  9. Pedro Tyler says:

    This Pebble Patio and Stone Fire Pit inspired me. Lovely. Much like a hearth is part of a room, make the fire pit a gathering point on your patio. Utilize unused space in your yard by giving your fire pit its own area.

  10. I love Stone Fire Pit. This fieldstone fire pit is also looking adorable…

  11. These Pebble Patio and Stone Fire Pit make the outdoors look so sophisticated! Made me look around a little more at cool ideas.

  12. These Pebble Patio and Stone Fire Pit are really inspired me….wonderful…

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