50 Ways to Celebrate Your Dog for National Dog Day and Every Day


Somehow, we missed that it was National Dog Day yesterday, but really, isn’t every day a good day to celebrate the pups? We love our dogs here at Made + Remade. Just check out these projects designed with dogs in mind.

Dog Safety Hammock

dog safety hammock

Emily made this dog safety hammock, which is one of the most popular projects on our blog! To keep your pup safe and healthy outside of the car, too, try this recipe for natural dog biscuits and idea for a backyard dog run. Here are 13 fun toy and chew options for your pets, too.

Designer Dog Houses

dog house with covered front porch

Emily also explored the world of designer dog houses in a past post while looking for inspiration for her dog’s new home. These 27 ideas for doghouse designs gave her plenty of inspiration. (Be sure to check out the house made from bottles. We know our readers love upcycling bottles!)

Custom Pet Silhouettes

pet silhouette portraits

Creative Genius Danielle Benson recently devised this clever way to create silhouette pet portraits of her beloved dogs. If you need more ideas for how to decorate with your pets in mind, check out these 6 ideas for turning old furniture into decor-friendly pet beds.

For more inspiration for National Dog Day (OK, so it’s the day after …) and beyond, check out our DIY pet projects section. And yes, we welcome cat lovers, too. Which reminds me … when is National Cat Day, anyway?

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