Blog Cabin Project of the Week: Hurricane Shutter Headboard

A headboard made from upcycled hurricane shutters at Blog Cabin 2013For this week’s Blog Cabin how-to project, let’s venture to the master bedroom, where a new custom-made bed frame includes sliding drawers (extra points for extra storage!) clad with reclaimed wood for that rustic Blog Cabin look. The centerpiece, though, is the reclaimed hurricane-shutter headboard, which adds texture and a sense of place to the space. Click through this gallery to see how the bed and headboard were made.

It’s no wonder that the Blog Cabin team decided to take an upcycling approach here in the master bedroom. Headboards are some of the most popular projects using reclaimed materials year-round! Don’t believe me? Browse this gallery of upcycling projects, where everything from a barn door to metal roofing to a vintage convenience-store sign makes an appearance over the bed. I know you’ll be inspired to make a creative headboard of your own.

And don’t forget that you can enter for the chance to win Blog Cabin, including this lovely bedroom and all its Made + Remade charm!

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