Crafty DIY Birthday Banners

It’s a birthday-intensive month in our home, a month spent creatively planning and celebrating with friends and family. Is there any better excuse to get crafty? Making custom streamers and signs is a small part of what makes any celebration fun, unique, and a little bit more personalized for the birthday kid/adult/dog.

Just check out the banner that I made using colorful postcards, an X-Acto knife, twine, and a touch of hot glue! It’s something you can do just as easily with the same postcards, or common, colorful cover stock paper.

Try this DIY birthday banner at home using postcards!

Start by planning out your sign. Because my sign was for a color-lover, I chose to use a selection of Pantone Postcards. To spell out H-A-P-P-Y B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y I selected 13 postcards within the green-yellow color theme (choose a rainbow, a gradient, or just pick the colors that the special someone would love). The whole box of 100 postcards cost $14.50, so using 13 really only cost about $2.

Make a custom birthday banner using Pantone card stock.

With the X-Acto knife, slice block letters or bubble letters carefully through the surface. I worked on top of a piece of pine scrap wood that was indestructible, but soft enough to let the knife flow easily.

Cutting block letters for a DIY birthday banner.

With all of the letters cut, I cut a piece of twine 7′ long, positioned the letters, and used a few dots of hot glue to secure the twine to the back of each card.

DIY birthday banner using twine, postcards, and hot glue.

Love it? Or love it! Once the glue has cooled, tie or tape the ends to your desired location, and celebrate the night away!

How to make a DIY birthday banner (or one for any occasion)!

For more banner inspiration, including some downloadable and printable patterns, check out this photo gallery from our DIY Weddings section.

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  4. [...] was a birthday-intensive month. A banner month, so to say, because I got a lot of use out of a certain birthday banner that I made using Pantone postcards, a X-Acto knife, and some hot glue. Wham, bam, Happy Birthday, ma’am. [...]


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