Blog Cabin Project of the Week: Reclaimed Wood Dining Table With Beachy Theme

reclaimed wood beach dining tableThis year’s Blog Cabin on the North Carolina coast is well under way and the team is whipping out clever how-to projects using reclaimed materials on a weekly basis. That’s why I’m going to post our favorite projects here every week on Made + Remade until the Blog Cabin sweepstakes ends on September 13. Actually, it’s really about posting your favorite projects, the ones that DIY watchers and readers are loving the most, like this bring-home-the-beach dining table, which is one of the most popular posts on our Facebook page — ever.

Since I just returned from a vacation to the beach, this project is really near and dear to my wistful heart right now. Reading about how Blog Cabin project manager Dylan Eastman found the sea glass and shells sent me back there instantly. The beach. Don’t you just want to bring it back home with you every time? Well, now you can. Learn how to make this simple table from reclaimed wood and fill it with your favorite vacation memorabilia, whether from the beach, mountains, city or country — whatever your heart desires.

Note: As one of our Facebook readers suggested, it’s a good idea to use sterilized sand for this project to avoid unknowingly bringing in any beach creepy crawlers or mildew.

This table is part of the design of the Blog Cabin kitchen and fits perfectly with the natural, rough-hewn vibe. You can tour the whole space in this gallery.

See more spaces from Blog Cabin in our virtual tour, photo and video galleries, plus find more how-to projects from this year’s Blog Cabin, and stay tuned for more of our — and your — favorites here on Made + Remade.

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