DIY Entertaining Idea: Custom Wooden Flatware

Let’s talk flatware for a second. You’re throwing a classy summer party and you have a color theme, so you pick yourself up a package of plastic utensils, maybe in the chosen color if you’re lucky … but with the rest of your decorating and planning, plastic feels kind of ho-hum, and classic silverware is still out of the question.

Here’s an alternative: Customized Wooden Flatware.

Choose wooden flatware for an eco-friendly party.

Wooden! So eco-cool, so compostable, so happenin’. Sets are most commonly found in Birch, Aspen, or Poplar (the pieces in the set shown are Aspenware). Wooden utensils might cost a little more (about $1 per place setting, give or take based on the size of your order) but the impact – especially when customized – puts a smile on my face. They even makes Brussels sprouts taste better, a fact proven by me.

Whether striped, spotted, ombre’d, or chevron-covered, guests are going to be quick to notice and appreciate the craftiness and intent. Use non-toxic paints if you’re going to be applying anywhere that’s inclined to touch food, and let the designs dry well before using.

Ombre dots customize wooden flatware. An easy and fun DIY project for a party!

Color-gradient dots look fab.

Colorblock flatware for a DIY party accent.

Or go bold with a color block theme.

Paint flowers on flatware for a theme party!

Or floral for a little girls’ birthday, or a 60′s-theme party, or a garden party. Flowers are versatile, am I right?

I even tried hand-painting names onto a set to see how it would work. Verdict? Make sure you’re using a very, very fine brush. Or consider emblazoning into the wood with a wood burning tool like I demonstrated in this DIY custom wooden jewelry box project. Or if you have old silverware lying around or found a stash at a thrift store, try painting it like Ellen did for her upcycled silverware post. All of these ideas would be a great addition to a backyard barbecue!

How would you customize your flatware?

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  10. My friends all laugh at my addiction to cutlery, although I favor silver flatware I love what you have done to the wooden cutlery sets. I think they will be great for the summer parties.

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